Sunday, 22 April 2012


Day One: I can't see the appeal in this game at all. Mich tells me how jealous she is that all her colleagues have it on their phones - for the first time, she is almost jealous that she doesn't have a smartphone. I think it sounds like the most boring game in the world.

Several days later: I am lured into trying it out "just to see what it's like". I have no one to play though, so I lure in one of my friends. We spend most of the day playing it. I think it might actually be the best game ever.

The following day: Another one of my friends starts a game with me. I encourage my sister to play it too. I'm loving it. Three games is manageable. In fact, I don't feel like I have enough games going on. One of my colleagues out of the blue texts me to ask if I have the app. I start playing him, and his wife, who I have never met in real life but plays Words With Friends with me.

Next day: I now have games going regularly with five different people. This is becoming surprisingly time consuming. I end up spending the entire evening playing it. Everytime I have cleared all my games, someone I'm playing with takes a turn. It's a never-ending cycle apparently. I wonder how i can continue with real life and still play Draw Something. It seems impossible.I take the opportunity to rant about this on Facebook. The point appears to be missed as I wake up the following morning to find that at least five more people have started games with me.

The number of people starting games with me increases over the next few days. I also find that people are suddenly texting me about the game we are playing (as in people who don't usually text me) as if to remind me that I haven't taken my turn yet.This means I have about fifteen games on the go AND people talking to me about the game we are playing via text. The game is all-consuming and not only is the rest of my life suffering, but so is my phone battery.

My phone screen breaks. Although I'm undeniably upset about this, there is a glimmer of relief on the horizon - the realisation that I am completely unable to play Draw Something.

It's really very freeing.

I have my life back finally. . . .

Do you play Draw Something?


  1. Oh dear, I've only recently read about this game on fb. I haven't downloaded the app yet. I'm scared. I have very little 'me time' as it is, I just know I'm gonna love this game!!!

  2. I downloaded it for the same purpose, just to see what all the fuss was about. Regretting spending the money now if I'm honest, it's a pain in my arse! x

  3. Yes and I like it, but I hate when people text or call me to remind it that it's my turn! Get a life people! :)

  4. I experienced a similar process. Then it logged me out and wouldn't let me back in so with a small sigh of relief, I deleted it :)

  5. Haha I was the EXACT SAME. When it asked me to update, I just didn't bother haha!


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