Friday, 9 March 2012


So I'm back on the wine.

My Lenten promise lasted just over two weeks.

Some people may judge me for that but I'm proud of me. Why?

1. I have never given ANYTHING up for Lent for that long. Ever. Two weeks??? That's a miracle.
2. I've never given up wine for that long.
3. Being off the wine and having to re-think my drink choices in the past couple of weeks has made me realise a) I can go out for dinner and not drink alcohol b) I can have one alcoholic drink and stop and 3) I don't really like other alcohol. It's not the alcohol I missed, it was the wine itself.

So I'm having a sneaky cava or two and then heading out to meet my friend for Indian food. Cannot wait!

Oh, and last night I was out at an event for International Women's Day at Hillhead Bookclub, organised by Kirsty. I won one of the raffle prizes - a shitload of REN products. Do you know how much that shiz costs?  I bought a facial peel mask thingy from their range recently after being enticed by another blogger/one of my favourite authors to do so and it was like £27! I managed to get it on ebay for cheaper but, yeah, winning more than one of these (and a facial also - which I'm gifting to a friend of mine) is pretty damn good.

A bit of wine was imbibed too. And as I walked home I munched on a quesadilla from Taco Mazuma. Yum. I dropped a quarter of it on Byres Road. To say I was gutted would be the world's greatest understatement. :-(

What's everyone up to this weekend? Any big plans?


  1. Too bad, but good for you for sticking with it for 2 weeks!

  2. No plans for me. I know stuff's planned but I've not been invited. So fuck 'em!


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