Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I'm not really a big fan of going to the cinema.

There are various reasons for this. The fact it's severely overpriced. That the rare time I'm eager to see a film it usually isn't on at a time that suits. The fact it's hard to find someone to go with you to see the only film you want to see (they've either already been to see it, or it's not their type of film.) It's hard to go to the cinema often unless you're 1) willing to go alone (I'm not) or 2) are in a relationship and have a permanent cinema going partner. That second point made, I don't think cinemas are good for early dates. Why would you go somewhere and not talk? In fact, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've been to the cinema with any of my past boyfriends.

Anyway, yeah, not a big fan.

But the other day, we had nothing better to do and decided to pay the over-the-odds prices and go watch something. We sneaked in a Subway each, paid additional extortionate fees for some pick 'n' mix sweets and a couple of slush puppies . . . and with approximately ten minutes left to go of the film, it cut out.

Infuriating, right? Don't get me wrong, we'd been fairly limited to what we could see, and sadly "The Vow" wasn't great. But after having sat through 100 odd minutes of extreme cheese and Rachel McAdams being really annoying (bring back Regina George, that's all i can say), I think I deserved to at least see how the bloody thing ended! But no. After twenty minutes, we were told that the building was being evacuated.

So . . . sat through most of a fairly shitty film, don't even get to see the ending despite having paid eight pounds each TO WATCH THE ENTIRE FILM and then, to add insult to injury, we had to walk FROM THE TOP FLOOR down the stairs. Bear in mind here that this cinema is apparently the tallest cinema in the world, and I'm sure I'll have at least an iota of your sympathy.

We couldn't get our money back because the cinema was still shut half an hour later . . . oh and yesterday my calves were burning like crazy whenever I try to walk and the only thing I've done differently was tackle all those stairs!

My sister accused me of breaking the cinema since I hadn't been in so long. She may have a point. But I certainly won't be going back there anytime soon. Well, apart from to try and get my money back. I might not be able to get a refund for watching a shit film but missing the ending through no fault of my own? I think I have grounds for a refund on THAT basis, eh?


  1. Oh no! That does sound like a horrible experience, however, I just lovelovelove the cinema. It can be quite high priced, which is abit of a bum. but the big huge screen, and awesome tasting popcorn makes up for it all. (in my opinion)

  2. ;o that sounds terrible! I would be so mad if that happened to me! I also hate paying the unreasonable prices at the cinema!!


  3. Awful. Go ask for at least a free ticket. That happened to me during a screening of the Dark Knight. They finished the movie but we also got free tickets.

  4. Cineworld is a bit of a nightmare, twice the film has cut out when I've been there! Once they fixed it and the othher time we got our money back (and it had been a shit film) so it wasn't too bad!

  5. I really, really love going to the cinema. Which is probably why I'm always skint!

    I agree with you on the prices and dates thing, I went on a first date to the cinema and it was God awful. But I like taking my little sister as it's part of our routine now. It's the one place we won't run in to anyone we don't like, and get to spend some quality time together... In silence!

    I'd be writing a very disappointed email to them about your 10mins fail. That's just not on that they didn't even offer a free ticket or anything.

  6. And you didn't even start to mention the sticky floors, the people who blab their way through the whole film......

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of the cinema either. I want to watch whichever film I want to watch and whenever I want to watch it, not at pre-allocated times with a fat, smelly, old guy rubbing his knee against mine! >(

  7. I thinks Cinema is not the perfect dating place as we can't talk there as much as dating couple need. You had a very experience there. I have seen the trailer of "The Vow". But now my thought has changed about it.


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