Saturday, 10 March 2012


*Insert My Blog Name Here* is now four years old.

Technically I think it's older than that, but my first post (that still exists) on the blog was posted on the 10th March 2008, so we're going to call today its birthday. Happy birthday blog!!!

Now, I'd been planning to do a giveaway but there were issues with this. One, I am very lazy. And two, I am a bit low on inspiration. So I was trying to think of something I could have as a prize which would involve as little effort as possible.

So . . . here's what I'm going to offer.

Depending on who wins, you can either choose a £20 asos gift voucher or a £20 (or equivalent of £20 in dollars or whatever) voucher for uk or I think that's a pretty good prize to be honest - I wouldn't mind either of those.

What do you need to do?

Simple. Just leave a comment. If you can't think of anything to say, why not just tell me how old YOUR blog is? I'm not asking you to follow my blog - it would be a bit hypocritical of me, as I only follow other blogs on google reader and not through my blog itself. So yeah . . .one comment on this post. That's all I'm asking for!

You have until 6pm GMT on the 15th March to leave a comment. The winner will be announced after the deadline. :-)

THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.... Thanks to all who entered. :-)


  1. Yay!!! My blog is the same age :)

  2. Happy four years!! {^_^} I think I'm about the same, although when I changed blogs over I had a deleting fit and the first post now is September 2008.

    Hope you're having a good weekend. xx

  3. I don't have a blog : ( I do have blog envy though, just vay lazy! Happy Birthday x

  4. Happy blog birthday! I've been following you for such a long time now and it's always nice reading your posts because you're not only local but a fellow wine fiend, I feel a little less alone in the blogosphere!

    I don't really use my blogger these days, I now use wordpress (

    But yeah all the same, I hope you have many more blogging years, I love your writing (get on that chick lit :) )


  5. Ooohh I wanna enter! Good giveaway. I think my blogs just under two years. X

  6. Hey! Happy blog birthday! Four years is quite a feat!

  7. Happy bloggy birthday!

    Can't believe it's been 4 years; time flies when you're having fun! :)

  8. I deleted my posts a couple of times, because I didn't like the direction it was taking, and to get rid of some painful memories. So my blog is just a baby. Happy Birthday to your blog :)

  9. Congrats! i don't have a clue how old my blog is.

    I didn't do anything with mine for a long time after I opened it. Then I deleted a bunch of posts which I regret now.

    Is this contest open to US residents?

  10. A very happy birthday to your blog ;) Mine would've been three if I hadn't killed it.. Maybe I'll start a new one :)

  11. almost 4 years here! Can't believe I' still blogging, and still blogging about men problems after all these years... Some things never change lol


  12. My current blog is almost 3 years old, but technically I've been blogging (4 blogs ago, I think) for almost 10 years to the day! I've never celebrated a blog birthday but I was going to at least do a 10 year post or something later this month. =)

  13. I don't have a blog but I do enjoy reading other people's , and I enjoy reading your one :)
    This is a great giveaway, thankyou!
    I follow you on twitter (@nathalie_green)

  14. Mine is around 5 years old, atlhough when i started at my blogspot address not all my posts transferred. But as for your blog i think i've been here almost from the start so congrats!

  15. I don't know how old my blog is because I transferred all my old blogs a while ago. I started blogging at Uni though so my original blog is probably... 8 years old? Oh dear that makes me feel old...!

    Happy Blogiversary!

  16. Four and a half years old (first post October 2007) - but I've been blogging since July 2004. Not sure you can call radnom posting "blogging", though ;)

  17. Happy bloggy birthday!

    According to Blogger, I started posting June 2006, which makes my blog 5 and 3/4s. Aside from the buck teeth and uneven pigtails, I think it's kind of cute.

    Okay, so it's going through that awkward stage.


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