Monday, 27 February 2012


So it's been nearly a week now since I gave up wine for Lent. I started a day early, on Shrove Tuesday, so I had my last glass of wine nearly one full week ago now. I think this is the longest I've gone without wine since early 2009, where I managed (I believe) just over a week without any alcohol at all.

So I still have six weeks of no wine to go, and the thought is pretty daunting. I'm sure my liver will thank me, but my brain will probably not, because while over-thinking is what my sober brain does when left to its own devices. Wine makes my thoughts mildly fuzzy and rose-tinted.

Things I have found so far:

  • it's hard for me to find other alcoholic drinks I like while in the pub. Flavoured ciders such as Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime are delicious . . . but I need to go to the loo more because there's a lot of liquid in one bottle. Vodka and mixer is okay providing the vodka isn't too overpowering . . . but I drink those too fast. Wine is my perfect drink as it gets me tipsy, I can drink it all night without it making me too drunk, and I don't need to get up to visit the toilet very often. I don't see myself finding a good equivalent of this during my experiment.
  • I feel more tired. I'm not sure why this is. On Friday night, for example, I got home at about 10.15pm, was in my bed by 11 and asleep by 12. Yet I struggled to wake in time for 10 the following morning.
  • I made last-minute plans to go out for dinner on Thursday night and stuck to a diet coke -  I had both of my courses done in well under an hour. Usually I'm too busy drinking my wine and talking to get my eating done that fast. I'm not sure that's a good thing either way.
  • I thought I would feel like I was saving money by not buying as much wine - so far I feel MORE skint. That could be purely coincidental though. I WAS quite broke anyway . . .
  • Being on the internet isn't QUITE as interesting while not drinking wine. I think I have came to the point where I sort of equate the two, so perhaps it's a good thing I'm trying to separate them.
  • Although I don't know whether I will last the full 40 days (or 41 in my case, I guess), I am proud that I've managed so far and think it will be a while before I give in at least. I was very close to snapping on Friday night (thanks for not encouraging me, K! It's much appreciated) but I managed to resist and am glad I did. Apparently adding Jesus into the equation, and making myself accountable for doing this by not only mentioning it on here but also on my Facebook, has helped abstain for longer than I ever have before. I think the fact I've not cut out ALL alcohol is also going to help me go for longer. The fact I've only had any alcohol at all on two nights since I gave up the wine is actually pretty incredible also!

Anyone got any suggestions for a good wine equivalent? I have a good NON-alcohol equivalent for drinking at home which is elderflower sparkling presse, but I don't have an alcoholic wine equivalent for when I'm in the pub. Any ideas? And if anyone has any hints or tips how to take my mind of the lack of cava in my life, please feel free to make suggestions also!


  1. Just take up hard drugs. Haha just kidding. I don't know. I can only drink a glass of wine before I feel tipsy and weird. I'm out of practice - I didn't drink alcohol for a YEAR!

  2. Have you tried the flavored Pinnacle vodkas? I really like the Orange Whipped flavor and the Marshmallow flavor.

  3. Too close to home. Can't fathom. Must think of something else! *sings Gilligan's Island theme*

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