Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I decided recently to sign up for a monthly beauty box subscription, just to cheer myself up after a shitty few weeks. Yep, I finally jumped on the beauty bandwagon and opted for a beauty box from Feel Unique.
My box arrived the other day and I was very excited - it was the first time it's felt like Christmas since, well, Christmas itself!
I know some people have mixed feelings about these boxes but I was very pleased with mine - it contained products from pretty good brands like Decleor and Elemis among others, they aren't tiny sizes but quite generous samples. My favourite so far is probably the Leighton Denny nail polish - it's silver and a bit holographic. See below . . .

Muchos apologies for the shitty pics - the lighting in my room is particularly off at the moment due to my main lightbulb packing it in. So I have three lamps on which doesn't really make for the best lit pics.
But yes, I loved this box and I look forward to trying everything out. I'll keep my subscription going for a few months yet anyway!
In other news, I have also signed up for a weekly Graze box (had one so far and I'm loving the little snacks, most of which are fairly healthy - you can get one yourself at - a free one if you use the code DHQ69ZT!) and ANOTHER beauty box from Carmine ( - I'm really looking forward to that arriving too!
The added bonus for me is because I write reviews on Ciao, I can review these products and get some extra pennies (LITERALLY pennies, mind! It doesn't pay much.) But that's an extra little result - I'll be making back a LITTLE of what I've spent on the box! Ha! :-)
(UPDATE: after me singing their praises, I am just in receipt from an email from Feel Unique to inform me that they are discontinuing their beauty box service. Nice. Thanks guys. I'll try not to take it personally that I only just signed up. Ha.)
Do YOU like beauty boxes/snack boxes or not? Do you have a subscription to any of them?


  1. I've been getting this Feel Unique box for 3 months now. Dec's box I loved, Jan's wasn't too fussed about as was too much ski care and no make up/ nail varnish, but loving this month's box again so will carry on with subscription for a few months yet. It's v excitinbgettin it delivered to my desk every month!

  2. I used to get something similar delivered every month. I got some quality products and they were regular size bottles too, not samples. I cancelled it because I didn't have the $ anymore.

    It's funny, I was just thinking about that subscription the other day and trying to remember the name of the company. I wanted to look them up online and see if they were still doing it.

  3. I subscribe to JolieboxUK (boudoirprive) and have loved every box. After a few months you end up with a little box of pampering treats to use.

    I just got sent a free Men are Useless box which I am about to review - a box scheme for boys!

  4. I never heard of getting a beauty box -- I don't think there's a service like that in CT. But what fun. To be totally surprised ---but now nothing. That's just wrong.


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