Sunday, 5 February 2012


I was at a birthday night out last night which took place in Cafe Andaluz, a Spanish tapas bar in the west end. Now, I LOVE tapas food generally - there are so many yummy options - but the whole CONCEPT of tapas is one I tend to shy away from . . . because I am WEIRD about sharing food. The episode of "Friends" where Joey gets upset about his date trying to share his food? I am Joey. Totally.

When I'm out for dinner and somehow suggests we have a main course each but just share a starter, I get a bit upset. The starter is usually my favourite bit - why are they trying to take that away from me by making me SHARE??? Never mind the fact that the starter will fill me up so much I will struggle to eat more than a few bites of my main - I WANT A WHOLE STARTER TO MYSELF AND THAT'S FINAL!!!

So you can probably see why tapas poses somewhat of a problem for me. It's one thing if you have sorted with your dining partner beforehand that you are each going to choose your own dishes and eat them BY YOURSELF. But it's quite another if you go with a few people and one of them says "Oh why don't we get a few dishes each and just share?" My heart sinks everytime this is said because I don't WANT to have to explain how anally retentive I am about sharing food - it means I end up not wanting to be greedy and eating much of the dishes I have chosen, and in the same vein, I don't feel comfortable eating too much of the dishes anyone else has selected. So I end up going hungry, and what's the point in that?

Thank god for the bread plates, that's all I can say! :-)

Do YOU like to share food???


  1. I really don't, I'm very protective of the delicious goodies on my plate! If you wanted it, you should have ordered it yourself! I am occasionally happy to give you a taste, but anything more and you are treading dangerously close to getting your face swiped at!!

    Wow, I am a scary person =S

  2. I HATE sharing food!! My husband always suggests we share and I ruthlessly shut him down every time! He should have got the hint by now!

  3. I hate sharing too! I just want my own plate so I can have it all to myself. Glad I'm not the only one!

  4. It depends with me... if it's something i LOVE, I will not be sharing eg. curry. Otherwise I don't really mind to be honest, I've tried to get better about it because my family rib me a bit!!

  5. I actually like sharing - that way instead of me having to pick just one thing, i get to try a few different peices of deliciousness!

  6. Nope, I'm with you, I order a dish because it's something delicious that I want to eat, not so that everyone else can nibble at it too. No, no, no! I hate sharing food in restaurants, get your own damn food. :)

  7. lol I love this post!! That is one of my favourite episodes of friends!! I dont mind sharing food, if I am allowed to eat other peoples aswell!!! haha


  8. I am REALLY possesive over my food. Mr W says I'm scarily so. I will not share for love nor money. I hate when someone askes me if they can try what I have. No!!!! If yo wanted what I have yoyu should have ordered it yourself (does this mean that when we shared those fries in Camden that secretly you were hatin every second? :) ) x


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