Saturday, 25 February 2012


Now, as you perhaps already know about me, if I could have anything as a pet, I would like to have a pet fox. I know this is technically not possible, but this week I came pretty close when my sister gave me this beautiful belt as a belated congratulations present for my recent promotion . . .

Isn't he a little cutey??? (He may be a little offended that I've teamed him with a dress that cost a tenth of the price from a charity shop but, as one of my primary school teachers used to say "T-U-F-F- tough". Wow, it's amazing I can even spell...)

Available from here

Anyway, in work the other day, the subject came up about whether or not we prefer cats or dogs. Most people seem to fall into definite camps of one or the other.

But I don't. I like cats and dogs equally. Obviously, there are certain breeds I like more than others, but if someone offered me the choice between a cat and a dog as a pet, I would be pretty torn. Ultimately I would probably go for a cat in terms of it probably needing less attention, but then I love the idea of a dog's unconditional love. So who knows what I would choose because I do find cats AND dogs pretty damn lovable and adorable.

I don't know if this is partly to do with the fact that I've never had a pet - i think generally if you had a cat as a child, or were exposed to one as a child, you end up a cat person . . .and similarly with a dog. Unless you have a bad experience with whatever you owned, then you might go the other way. But because I never had a pet and always secretly longed for any sort of pet, I like them all!

 But it seemed, after this discussion, that I am in the minority about liking both and not having a preference.

Are YOU a cat or a dog person? Or, like me, do you like both?


  1. I definitely like both. But right now, my lifestyle is way better suited for a dog, so that is what I would get, if/when I can.

  2. Actually I like both too despite the fact I have 2 cats! Love the belt too. So cute in real life x

  3. A pet fox sounds awesome!! I am definitely a cat person. Some little dogs are ok, but generally I dislike dogs. I would love to have a cat!

  4. NEVER had a pet? I have never been without one.

  5. Cats for sure. I miss my cat who died in December so much.

  6. I like both. Sometimes I wish I had a cat. I probably will get one some time in the future. Not for awhile though, I'm quite happy with my chihuahuas.

  7. I like both. Especially when they are other people's. ;)

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