Monday, 16 January 2012


. . . at the moment is Rekorderlig flavoured cider.

It is absolutely delicious. Especially the strawberry and lime flavour.

I could drink it forever.

It's weird because normal cider is not something I like very much. It reminds me of being underage and not being able to afford anything more expensive. I don't even like Magners or Bulmers. Not even the flavoured versions of those.

This stuff though, I DO like.

You may have realised that my not-drinking-so-much-in-January thing has pretty much stalled. Oh well, back on with being good tomorrow!

Do you like fruit ciders? What's your fave?

PS. There is a giveaway coming up in the next few days. Be excited!!! (I'm afraid this giveaway is NOT for cider - sorry Sprinkles! That's what I get when I try to do a post under the influence of alcohol I guess. It's for something completely unrelated - but it will be open to you too!)


  1. I absolutely love this stuff! Discovered it at a radio convention and adored it ever since. I'm the same with cider, it doesn't usually do anything for me except make me hurl.

    Where did you find this? I'll need to purchase ASAP! x

  2. Now, I LOVE Rekoderlig pear cider. And the mixed berries one tastes like the teenage years. Ah.

    Also, did you know that rekorderlig means like reliable/dependable? Well, I sure as hell DO NOT think about trustworthy people or actions when I see a bottle of that..

  3. I wanna try this!

    Is the giveaway open to residents in the US?

  4. While I'm not super into ciders and other fruity drinks, I do like myself a beer with a hint of fruit. Lately, my go-to at the bar has been Shipyard Apple - it's really quite delicious. There is also a local brew, Newport Storm, that comes in a blueberry variety that is quite splendid.

  5. I am a big fan of cider, I got suckered in because the Strongbow ads with the blossom petals makes it look so fun! No regrets though, I love them all!

  6. It's a bit like Jacques, but a lot tastier. So so easy to drink it like it's juice (NECESSARY JUICE!!).

    Love & hugs *huuuuugs*

    P.S. typed this on the new laptop. Boom. xxx


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