Monday, 30 January 2012


I pretty much live in dresses (when I can't live in pyjamas, inside my flat, that is!) as they are so much more EASIER than anything else. Wearing a skirt or trousers means having to find the right top to pair with them, and I find that tends to be a bit of a nightmare. So dresses all the way for me!

As a result, I spend a lot of time on asos looking at the pretty dresses, and tonight a whole array of these have dazzled me. I'm practically having to sit on my hands not to keep clicking on the "add to basket" button. I thought I'd share them here instead in the hopes that it will somehow discourage me. Hmmm . . . unlikely but worth a shot!
LOVE this. It's so simple yet pretty, and such a lovely colour. Want.
I was seriously tempted by this dress until I remembered I actually own it already in navy blue and, pretty though it is, the underlayer of the garment kept trying to work its way up and I spent the whole day I was wearing it yanking it back down so my pants wouldn't be revealed through the sheer outerlayer. Not fun!!!
Okay, so I had to allow myself at least one dress. You can't put all that temptation in front of me and not expect me to buy SOMETHING! So this Mango shirt dress (a snip at 17 pounds in the sale) has made it into my shopping basket. Oops... ;-)
I love this tea dress - unfortunately it was not available in my size. Of course!!!
I like the sparkle to this one - it would be nice for going out at night when you weren't wanting to make TOO much of an effort. However cowel necklines somehow tend to have me revealing an unexpected amount of cleavage, and usually my bra as well . . .
This dress is so cute and would be gorgeous for my holiday (did I mention I'm going to Ibiza in August?) but if I'm too skint to buy normal clothes at the moment, I can't justify 25 quid on something that I'm not going to wear for seven months!
I like the simplicity of this but once again it's a potential holiday dress consideration more than anything else (it would look GREAT with a tan) so I'll need to leave it for now...)
And now the dress below (has blogger been acting up for anyone else recently? Anytime I add photos it's nigh on impossible for me to format the post correctly. So annoying.) I think this is really cute. Although would possibly make me look the size of a house. I bought a dress that model was wearing before and I was about three times the size of her in it, so I don't think I trust her . . .

I love this one - I think it's adorable, especially the subtle butterfly pattern on the material, and I love the colour. It may have to be a purchase after payday (only two weeks to wait - sigh.)

So girls (or guys, I suppose - I want to be open-minded) . . . do you wear a lot of dresses? If so, what style do you prefer? Would you wear any of my choices? Feel free to share! :-)

(PS - I've went off the dress below. Blogger won't let me get rid of it though.)


  1. Totally agree about dresses vs skirts/pants. I love them all! Good fashion style :)

  2. Ha! I have 2 of that mango dress. I love it so much I bought a 2nd one and wore it for my graduation. Beware it is pretty low cut! I have just bought a version of the one you decided you didn't like too but in navy, it is scalloped in the hem instead of the neck. Love Asos!

  3. I have just started getting into dresses. I have always been such a tomboy that I wore pretty much jeans for casual and dress pants for works and such. What I like about dresses is that sometimes I feel claustrophobic in my clothes. Dresses remedy this because they are only one piece and being cute and flowy helps too.

  4. I hate how thin the ASOS models are, you just can't tell how a dress is going to look on you. I love dresses though and have lots and lots, I think I could buy them all day!

  5. I love that " bird on a wire " print dress - though being pregnant i am edging my weigh to being the size of a house and will never fit into it!

  6. I love dresses too but usually only wear long ones because I abhor my legs.

  7. I LOVE, LOVE the 1st & last, but the white one for holiday would be great with a tan, I envision I'd spill wine or fun drink on self.

    I don't work, so lots of yoga pants & total comfort. However, I'd gladly wear a dress if someone hired me. :-)


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