Friday, 9 December 2011

UM . . . HEY . . .

Do you remember me? *shuffles feet, looks around shyly*

I'm that girl who used to come on here and alternate between random rants and acute bouts of virtual depression. Sound familiar?


Oops, sorry, I've been neglecting these here parts of late. There's been a lot going on in my life recently - some good, a bit more of it bad. But I'm still here; I'm still breathing. I'm still imbibing wine like i'm worried it might run out and I should make sure my bloodstream continues to have a (un)healthy supply of alcohol running through it.

I'm just back (pretty much literally!) from a work trip to London for the past five days, which was actually really good fun. Here's some shit I learned:

  • Deciding to take the stairs out of Covent Garden underground is practically a suicide mission. There are WAAAYYYY TOO MANY. I had to take a break before I reached the top to, I dunno, actually BEGIN BREATHING AGAIN! On the upside, I probably worked off my dinner in terms of calories before I actually ate it.
  • Wahaca (a Mexican tapas-y type place in the aforementioned Covent Garden) is actually fab. Delicious food, great service, although you can't pre-book. I don't like that part. But it's worth a go if you're in London.
  • I don't see Miss H enough. I had an ace time with her hanging out in Camden (and then passing out on her early on - *insert ashamed face here*) and am going to BULLY her into coming to Scotland very soon. Because she has NEVER BEEN HERE!!!! (Naughty)
  • It's very satisfying not to be in your own country when the snow strikes there, as well as the brilliantly named Hurricane Bawbag of yesterday. Although I DID miss out on getting sent home from work early. But when it comes down to it, I'd rather have avoided the extreme weather than get any other perks.
  • Living off expenses is probably a good way to make one pile on the weight pretty damn quickly. I feel like I end up eating more than usual just for the sake of it. Oops.
  • Oh, and once more, I am reminded that I am far more resilient and strong than I tend to give myself credit for. I've been through a bit of an emotional turmoil this past two weeks, and I'm still not feeling one hundred per cent, but I still worked my ass off, AND managed to have a good time. Pat on the back for me!

What have you all been up to, my lovelies?


  1. Seriously - the hurricane was seriously named Bawbag?!
    And what have i been up to? Buying a business, dying my hair red after 10 years of no dying, and very,very, very actively trying to for another baby ( wink, wink )!

  2. Glad you had a good time in London :)

    I've been all consumed by that whole having a new baby thing! I am loving it but I feel a bit boring for saying it!

  3. Really, two years ago during the gawd horrid winter, I avoided all the blizzards straight through by not being home/at my boyfriends house. Oh, well not that time I got stuck at my bf's house for four days more than I intended, but that time it snowed like a mothereffer like miles away so we never even noticed. Actually, when everyone was talking about all the blizzards and how friggin cold it had been (down to -29C!) I kind of felt left out. So, I wanna experience at least some of the dirty ass weather so I can keep up with the conversations. Wow, this turned into a really long comment.


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