Thursday, 15 December 2011


A pet hate of mine (I know - I have many) is when a delivery company try to deliver something when you're out and decide to just leave it with your neighbour.

Fair enough if you've stated that they can do so while you are in the process of ordering. Or fair enough if you live in Ramsay Street, Erinsborough for example, and everyone knows everyone else anyway and walk in one another's houses without knocking and never lock their doors.

But I have NOT stated I want them to do this, and I live in a tenement flat where I barely even know my own FLATMATES, let alone my neighbours.

The thing that irritates me the most is that it is then up to me to try and get the damn parcel back. And most times the person in question doesn't answer their door, so I end up leaving a note on the door just asking can they drop it inside my storm doors (or through the letter box if it fits) - and this usually happens, eventually.

Yesterday I got two dresses delivered, and since neither my flatmates or I were in, they were left with a neighbour in the basement flat. I didn't know this until I got home last night not long before midnight. So I could hardly pop down then, and I wasn't sure if i'd be around tonight either, so I left a polite note on their door explaining this and asking if they could do the whole dropping off behind the storm door thing for me.

There is still no sign of this package.

It better appear soon as I need to see if either of these dresses will do for my night out on Saturday night. I can't go there NAKED after all. Well, I technically could but i'd probably be 1) cold and 2) arrested.

Stupid delivery companies. Stupid neighbours. Stupid dresses that probably won't fit anyway.

Stupid everything. :-(


  1. That being said, if i lived on Ramsay St i wouldnt leave anything with Paul Robinson because he's just nasty....

  2. Ugh, that is SUPER annoying! That doesn't happen around here, and I'd be FURIOUS if it did (I don't know my neighbors and I think some are senile because I'm surrounded by old people). I'm surprised your neighbors who don't know you are willing to take the packages -- I'd be annoyed holding onto something for a neighbor

  3. I worked in the parcel industry for years. Drivers aren't allowed to leave with a neighbour unless they have permission from you or the sender. Next time you order try and write somewhere on your address (or in the special instructions if they have them) "LEAVE IN STORM DOORS/DO NOT LEAVE WITH NEIGHBOUR". Xx

  4. A-men! I used to live in a building where I didn't know the neighbours that well, and the neighbours who used to sign for everything weren't the most reliable (alcoholics & drug users...).

    Post office offers a service where you can get all your mail delivered to the local delivery office. This is what I started using!

    Sucks, but at least your stuff is safe!

  5. What is wrong with people?


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