Saturday, 12 November 2011


*** The Only Way is Essex - I genuinely have no interest in it. I am constantly reading about the so-called "stars" in it and I've yet to work out the point of them.

*** The X-Factor - this is actually a first for me. Every other year I've got sucked in by thinking "oh I'll just watch the auditions" and then next thing I know it's the live final and i've watched every single bloody episode and wasted every weekend from September until Christmas. This year, I have somehow managed to avoid it and it's sooo freeing! I have no idea who any of the contestants are, I don't need to watch glorified karaoke singers murdering once-decent tunes, AND I don't have to put up with an ad break every five minutes. Result! (Oh, and I've also came to really loathe Kelly Rowland. So there's another silver lining in not watching.)

***Strictly Come Dancing - the show where z-list celebrities go to become more famous - or shag a dancer. Either/or.

***I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - like Strictly, this is the OTHER show where z-list celebrities go to become more famous . . . or prove that they really WILL Put anything in their mouth. I have no desire to see someone eat an insect or a kangaroo's bollock. What's next? A koala's penis???

***Eastenders - it's the TV soap equivalent of Coldplay. In other words, it's so depressing it makes me feel mildly suicidal. At best.

***24 - I know it's not on anymore, but at the time I was sick of it. It was the longest day of MY life too just trying to watch it!

What TV programmes do YOU hate that everyone else seems to like??? Please feel free to share. :-)


  1. - I've only recently heard of The Only Way Is Essex. It seems Jersey-Shore-level trashy.

    - The X-Factor is decent this season. I particularly like Marcus, Kitty, Craig, and Little Mix. Super glad that Frankie got kicked off. Liked Janet, but she sucked the last couple of weeks. Misha isn't as good as the judges act like she is.

    - I've never seen "I'm a Celebrity". I think they did a season of it in the USA, but it never caught on.

    - My boyfriend is about to write an episode of Eastenders. I hope it doesn't depress him as much as it depresses you.

    - I watched a couple of episodes of 24 because people kept telling me how awesome it was... But it wasn't for me.

    In the USA, I feel like people keep talking about:

    - Mad Men. My boyfriend and I watched the first 5 episodes, but so far, it's not for us.

    - Dexter. No interest in watching a serial killer at work.

    - Breaking Bad. Sounds really good, but I just haven't started with it.

    - Boardwalk Empire. I'm not even sure if we get HBO.

    - Parks & Recreation. I watched one episode and didn't think it was that funny.

    - The Big Bang Theory. It's one of the highest rated shows in the country. I've tried to get into it, but I just can't. It's about geniuses, and yet it feels dumbed down.

    - Two and a Half Men. One of the worst shows I've ever seen. It is painfully not funny. And yet it gets huge ratings and is still running despite the absence of one of its stars. Mind-boggling how that show is still running.

  2. I'm with you on all of them! Here it's called Dancing with the Stars and I've never heard of half of them--I doubt they are stars :)
    I did like Eastenders and Crossroads and Corrie when I lived in England though.

  3. Glee, Dexter, True Blood, & X factor!

    I am a reality tv whore ;)

  4. Most of them! The shows that make celebrities out of non entities.

    Give me a decent crime drama, Come Dine with Me, or documentary any day.

    Ooh ooh or Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls....


  5. My friends like TOWIE and Made in Chelsea. Eurgh. And Shipwrecked. And x-Factor - I'm not watching the current season though I dipped in and out of the last one. My friends used to be all over Big Brother which is a waste of time. friends all love House, Grey's Anatomy, 24, East Wing, West Wing, the IT Crowd. None of which I watch or have the faintest clue about. And Downtown Abbey was pretty big - I only watched one episode.

    In terms of TV that I love and everyone else hates... Tool Academy is my guilty pleasure. However I don't talk about it to people because I don't want to admit to watching it...


  6. GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!! ARGH that show makes me want to hurt someone. You've inspired me to make a similar, albeit different, post on my blog one of these days.

  7. Law & Order. I can't stand it. My b.f. loves it and watches marathons of it daily. I'm so tired of seeing crime scenes. It's to the point where I can predict whodunnit by half an hour in.

  8. I'm so with you with X factor, Strictly and I'm a Celeb. Oh and TOWIE. And Made in Chelsea. And Desperate Scousewives. And EastEnders.

    TV has become so dull now; I'd much rather watch old sitcoms and comedies; along with the odd documentary!



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