Sunday, 13 November 2011


I've discovered something pretty amazing about myself in the past month or so.


I actually cannot believe it. Up until now the only thing I could make was spag bol - I mean, technically I was using a jar of sauce but I added a lot of chopped up veg and herbs and shit (not ACTUAL shit) to it so to me that involved effort and was therefore cooking.

Although I suppose I have to make an effort to get a takeaway by powering up my netbook or hanging about a chippy waiting for my order to be ready . . . but THAT'S not cooking. Hmmm.

I've always been a bit scared of cooking I guess. Everything always sounds so complicated! I'm not sure what some cookery terms mean and lists of ingredients tend to intimidate me as they're always so LOOOONNNNG, and I rarely have most of them already.

But I figured . . . I'm 32 years old, I need to start being healthy and not living off microwave meals and Dominos pizzas.

Anyway, I started off easy, one day I really wanted enchiladas. So I made them. I used a kit, granted, but it was a start.

Then a few weeks later I was craving quesadillas (I've been going through a bit of a Mexican food phase I guess). I couldn't find a kit for that so I had to improvise. I made cheese, chorizo and spinach quesadillas and, if I say so myself, they were delicious. I told a work colleague about them I thought they were that good. She wasn't sure what a quesadilla was, but after I explained I got her craving them too and then she ended up making them herself!

Then came the chili con carne. (See? Mexican again!) That was COMPLETELY from scratch. And I pulled it off. I've pulled it off on two separate occasions now.

The tuna and brocoli fritatas which I stole off the Harcombe Diet website are in the oven cooking. I made some for lunches last week and they were AMAZING! I was so sad when I finished eating my serving; I just wanted more!

And last night I made a curry (from the Harcombe Diet recipe book this time - although it's also on their website). It was meant to be butternut squash curry but I made mine chicken instead. COMPLETELY from scratch, I have never made curry in my LIFE before . . . and it was delicious. I had it for dinner last night and for lunch and dinner again today.

I am soooo making that again!

Anyway, what next? I need ideas! It can't be anything too complicated or involve things I don't like (I disapprove of fruit in savoury meals and I'm not a big fan of prawns) but I don't think I'm cutting anyone's options down TOO drastically. So what's your favourite meal to cook, and what should I try next???

Saturday, 12 November 2011


*** The Only Way is Essex - I genuinely have no interest in it. I am constantly reading about the so-called "stars" in it and I've yet to work out the point of them.

*** The X-Factor - this is actually a first for me. Every other year I've got sucked in by thinking "oh I'll just watch the auditions" and then next thing I know it's the live final and i've watched every single bloody episode and wasted every weekend from September until Christmas. This year, I have somehow managed to avoid it and it's sooo freeing! I have no idea who any of the contestants are, I don't need to watch glorified karaoke singers murdering once-decent tunes, AND I don't have to put up with an ad break every five minutes. Result! (Oh, and I've also came to really loathe Kelly Rowland. So there's another silver lining in not watching.)

***Strictly Come Dancing - the show where z-list celebrities go to become more famous - or shag a dancer. Either/or.

***I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - like Strictly, this is the OTHER show where z-list celebrities go to become more famous . . . or prove that they really WILL Put anything in their mouth. I have no desire to see someone eat an insect or a kangaroo's bollock. What's next? A koala's penis???

***Eastenders - it's the TV soap equivalent of Coldplay. In other words, it's so depressing it makes me feel mildly suicidal. At best.

***24 - I know it's not on anymore, but at the time I was sick of it. It was the longest day of MY life too just trying to watch it!

What TV programmes do YOU hate that everyone else seems to like??? Please feel free to share. :-)

Friday, 11 November 2011


"and when it's over, and it's gone, you almost wish that you could have that bad stuff back, so that you could have the good."

Weird how it's the completely superfluous bit of this video that actually has the most truth in it, eh? Available from amazon: We Found Love

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I'm 32. Thirty freaking two.

Occasionally that really freaks me out, because I'm definitely a YOUNG 32. I get id'd often, I live like a student , I'm quite definitely single, I've never had a long term relationship or any other sort of commitment like a mortgage (unless a mobile phone contract counts?), my room is strewn with empty wine bottles (okay, it's generally cava, which makes me feel SLIGHTLY more of a grown-up, I'm not sure why, but still!), spend hours on Facebook, go out on week nights, spend my weekend days in bed rather than going for walks or trips to IKEA . . . I'm definitely not a proper adult.

And a lot of my friends are younger than me too, and I never really give that any thought.

But occasionally I actually feel my age. Or feel like OTHER people are feeling my age.

Like last night, for example. Earlier in the week, some of my flatmates had decided we should have a film night, and I had no plans made for last night so I decided to pop along to one of their rooms to watch some chick flicks.

As they perused the selection of films available, they came across a ten chick-flicks in one type dvd boxset. "Oh I've never watched any of them," the girl it belonged to said dismissively. "They all look rubbish."

I felt my face fall. "But Girls Just Want To Have Fun is on it," I pointed out.

(Sidebar: it may be cheesy and star SJP when she hadn't worked out how to tame the frizz in her hair, but it's one of my favourite films of all time. Girl and guy from different sides of the track? Check. Controlling father? Check. Spoilt rotten rich girl who eventually gets her comeuppance? Check. Random dance sequences? Check. IT HAS IT ALL, PEOPLE!!!)

I tried to explain to them that when I was 16, my dad had recorded the film for us (it had been on in the middle of the night) on our VCR. The following day had been a snow day and me and my little sister had decided to watch it. We loved it so much that we watched it four times in one day. And even to this day I own the DVD.

Still, this failed to convince them. We ended up watching French Kiss instead.

I still couldn't believe that they had dismissed Girls Just Want To Have Fun so out of hand though. To me, it is a classic cheesy 80s dance-genre movie.

But then that was when I remembered . . . I may only have been about seven when the film first came out . . . but NONE OF THESE GIRLS HAD BEEN ALIVE WHEN IT CAME OUT. I was born in 1979 - most of them weren't born until the nineties!

Talk about making myself feel old!

And later, when the film ended, we were talking as the credits rolled and the year French Kiss was made appeared. 1997.

"Oh, you're probably the only one who really remembers that," one of the girls said teasingly to me.

"Yeah, that was the year I started uni," I replied, feeling old once again.

"I started uni in 2006," the oldest of the other flatmates said.

Shoot. Me. Now.

I'm thinking I maybe should start lying about my age. I reckon 26 would be a fairly believable age. Yeah?

Are there ever points when you just feel "Oh my god I feel so OLD"??? Or is it just me?

Friday, 4 November 2011


The childhood saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is one of the STUPIDEST sayings in the world, as far as I'm concerned.

It's the words that really hurt. The sticks and stones are merely superficial (in most cases) - they glance off you and they may leave a bruise or even a scar . . . but these fade.

In my opinion, words hurt more . . . and for longer.

It's amazing how quickly a well-chosen putdown can break down your defences and cut to your core, right? Eat away at all your insecurities, make you feel two foot high.

Obviously sometimes people just say something off-the-cuff, thoughtlessly, that they may not necessarily mean (god knows I've done that often enough), and I try really hard not to take these incidents to heart. But when a person MEANS it . . . when they've CHOSEN to say it . . . then that's a completely different matter. Then you know it was INTENDED to hurt. And who does that???

I take things to heart too easily, I know. I do it time and time again, and as much as I try to steel myself against it, it always breaks down my barriers. I particularly dislike when I feel like someone is being dismissive towards me. It hurts even more - because then I feel like my opinion - or me myself - doesn't matter.

I'm made of stern stuff, but I still bloody hurt all the same. I can bounce back, but the emotional scars don't leave.

This isn't brought on by anything that occurred today or even in the last few days. It's something that has been festering in my mind over the past few weeks and it's only now I actually remembered to post about it.

(I felt I had to post that disclaimer because otherwise it sounds like I'm being cryptic again. I'm not. I'm just venting.)

What about you? Do you take other people's hurtful comments or dismissive behaviour to heart, or have you learned to let it slide? If so, please share how you do it!