Friday, 14 October 2011


You can wake up and feel good and on top of the world (or mildly hungover, exhausted, but generally okay, which is a FAIRLY good equivalent) but the post-relationship phase can throw you curveballs indefinitely.

It's not even my HORMONAL time of the month, yet I still find it happening regularly.

And, even in my happiest moments . . . I just know it's going to be a mere matter of hours before I'm going to break down again.

Like now.


I'm strong. I'll get there. I just . . . miss.


  1. So know what you mean - my relationship was only platonic ( best friend dumped me... ) but even now, a year later, every now then i'll have a day where something just throws me and i cant shake that sad feeling...

  2. I get it. It took a really long time for me to get over my last bf. Looking back now, I'm so glad we're not together -- we would make each other miserable. I couldn't see that at the time though.

    It'll get better. I wouldn't say time heals all wounds but I would say that it does lessen the pain. Slowly...

  3. I have vodka and cigarettes. Hurry up and finish work so we can get a takeaway and watch movies that stop me from thinking too much!

    I'm thinking of running away to a hippie commune again. If I can find one that will let me pay in kind. (oi, not like that! I meant by cooking and hugs, and being awesome at karaoke!)

  4. Hang in there missy. You know you're strong and you know the times you feel like this will become fewer and the times you really do know you are fabulous will be all the time.



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