Monday, 31 October 2011


There's lots of silly little things I'm worried about. Like insects flying into my ears, especially moths (let's face it, it could happen.) Or nearly standing on a leaf that turns out to be a frog (has happened more than once, smack bang in the middle of Queen Margaret Drive, so it's actually a fairly rational fear. And frogs freak me the hell out.) Or dying alone. (That one is probably not so silly, now I come to think about it.)

But the most recent one, which is actually possibly developing into not so much a worry as a potential full-on phobia, is that I have became quite worried that I might one day be hit by a flying bird. And I'm not talking about their droppings - been there done that. I am actually occasionally gripped by the fear that a bird is just going to lose control mid-flight and swoop right into me. Usually right into the side of my head, although occasionally I wonder what would happen if it just hit me in, I dunno, the bum or something.

It makes me really nervous around birds. Although I've always been a bit paranoid about them as I'm convinced they have some sort of agenda.

Has this ever happened to people in real life? I don't necessarily mean to someone reading this (if you get here by googling, then I'm sorry, I can't actually help you with birds-flying-into-your-head problems) but has it ever come up as like a story in the news or something? "Girl struck by flying bird, impaled on its beak", that sorta thing?

Is this a totally weird thing to be freaked out about? Or has it ever crossed your mind?

I mean, BEFORE you read this, obviously . . .


  1. I have loads of irrational fears too! My main one is falling down stone steps and smashing my front teeth out. It could happen! Or catching my finger in the drain on the bottom of a swimming pool and getting caught and thus stuck under water and so drowning. That could happen too...

    I don't have a fear of birds flying into me though, though maybe I will now that you have suggested it to me!!


  2. I hate to feed your fear P, but if you're ever going to visit Australia, dont come in September or early October.
    We have native birds here - magpies - that in early spring swoop at people who walk to closely to the trees they have made a next in. That is, the birds swoop down from their nests and aim for your head - they are intentionally trying to hit you as a way of protecting their young.
    I've grown up with it so its a normal part of life in spring.... but i hate it. And i hate them. Stupid bloody birds!

  3. Birds freak me out too... but mostly when I'm driving and they fly in front of the car. I always fear they will fly into the windscreen and splatter! Inadvertently, I duck whenever one flies in front of me....

  4. I have friend who had a pigeon dropped on her head by a buzzard who'd been a bit overambitious with its prey. It had swooped down, picked up the pigeon then realised it was far too heavy and let go. Not the same as being divebombed I know, but I wouldn't want it to happen to me!

  5. It probably has happened, but I'm sure the chances are greatly reduced if you don't have crumbs in your hair.

    My irrational fear is that someone will push me or fall into me as a tube's coming along the platform. If someone's standing behind me I get really conscious of it and back away and - ridiculously - steady my stance incase I get pushed. Mental.


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