Monday, 26 September 2011


In a little over a week, on Tuesday 4th October, I will turn 32.

This seems weird to me. It feels like only yesterday I was thinking how weird it was to be turning 30 and leaving my twenties behind. Now I'm well and truly in my actual real thirties. Like I said, weird. I can't really handle this getting older thing.

Sure, physically there ain't much of a difference between being 29 and nearly 32. Apart from a few more grey hairs than I had - and I'm actually quite lucky in that I don't have that many of those - I'm actually in better shape than I was at 29, and I haven't noticed any extra wrinkles. Although I've been VERY negligent with my skin recently, so THAT'S actually a miracle in itself.

My time of being 31 has been a strange one. I spent the first three months stressed out, around six months pretty damn happy, and the last third of it has been a bit shit again. So perhaps, on the balance, I'll be glad to see the back of 31.

I'm also glad that I don't need to worry about trying to organise a night out for it, since midweek birthdays are always awkward. You don't want to have your night out during the week, but then do you have it the weekend BEFORE or the weekend AFTER? (I personally prefer before.) And what do you do? Where do you go? Will anyone turn up?

Instead I'll be celebrating, for the second year in a row, abroad. Last year it was Spain, this year it's Portugal. Which is a country I've never EVER been to before (I've been to Spain now 11 times I think - if you count the Canary Islands and Majorca as well as the mainland, so it will be nice to have a change, albeit just to the country next door) so it's new territory for me.


Anyway, this is just the ramblings of an insane woman who can't sleep, so I'll get some audience participation going.

If you were going to buy me a birthday present (and, no, I don't expect you to ACTUALLY buy me one!) what would you buy me? Answers on a postcard (or in the comments section) please!


  1. Hmmm.... i think i'd buy a sarong and some sunscreen for your holiday. I know you Scottish girls like to tan, but this Aussie girl is all about sun safety!

  2. I think escaping for your birthday is a good thing. Seems rather exotic, as well - plus, you'll be able to party when you get back! :)

    (If you have a party or pub outing, I promise not to come onto any of your male friends. Well... I promise to *try* not to).

    You're a bit difficult to buy for, though. Wine? A birthday 'experience'? lmao :P x

  3. I'd buy you a bottle of wine. Duh. :) And happy birthday! Welcome to the 32 club! The members are awesome! :)

  4. Liquor chocolates.. the best of both worlds ;)

  5. Happy almost Birthday and yay to spending it in Portugal. That sounds amazing!

  6. Happy Early Birthday!!! My birthday is just eight days later. I won't be celebrating though -- it's on a Wednesday which is a wickedly long day for me. I go to school, then I go to work, then I go home for less than an hour, then I go to my mom's house until midnight. Typical Wednesday schedule.

    Regardless, even if I WERE going to celebrate, my friends never seem to remember it, even though I make a point to remember theirs and make a big deal out of it. So I'd still be celebrating it alone, even if I reminded them of it in advance.

    Hmmmmm...if I were to give you a present, it'd probably be a travel package - stuff you could take with you on a plane like toothpaste, makeup, soap, stuff like that all in the proper packing and proportions. Maybe not too original but it's something you'd probably use.

    So what would you get me? lol Just kidding...

    Hope you have a wonderful vacay.

  7. Oh this was a good read. I'm sorry to hear that you're unsure about the thirties. I've recently become thirty and am still adjusting to the idea. I'm with you on birthday meet-ups, and a holiday is a really good idea. I may have to borrow that for next September!

    And a birthday pressie... I think my favourite was a little dainty but unusual birdy necklace- so I'd give you something pretty to wear to dinner on your hols. Enjoy! xxx

  8. Is this a trick question? Rose wine, of course ;) Hope you have a great birthday week!


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