Monday, 29 August 2011


It's no secret that I do have a tendency to complicate things within my life rather than make things easier. I don't know if I have something inside me that compels me to do this, or whether it's just some sort of fate. Maybe I secretly want to create drama for myself. Maybe it makes me feel like my life is more interesting.

Obviously, right now, I'm sitting on my own with a can of Diet Irn Bru and my netbook on my lap, thinking about how I should REALLY go to bed and get a decent night's sleep after last night's extreme insomnia bout, and how I really should pack my bag for swimming with my sister after work . . . which isn't obviously particularly interesting at all . . . yet I've just typed an entire paragraph about it, because that's how I roll and it's honest and I can actually BE honest about that, rather than cryptic about the actual complications that have cropped up in my life and I have actually CREATED - possibly due to feeling rejected by one person, and imbibing slightly too much rose wine a few nights ago.

And this particular complication - I thought it could be problematic on a short-term basis, but actually . . . there were a couple of events today that made me wonder if it could actually spiral out of control a bit and REALLY tangle my life up. Hmmmm.

I'm going to try not to let it, and it MIGHT not actually get to that point anyway depending on how I tackle it, and whether there's actually anything to have to worry about. But I guess I'll have to just wait and see. And possibly, in the meantime, work out ways to make my life SIMPLER rather than more DIFFICULT than it already is.

But I guess, much as I bemoan it all, at least it gives me new thoughts to take my mind off the old - at least for now - and that can only be a good thing I suppose . . .

What about you? Do you try to lead a simple life and feel it often spirals out of control? Do you believe we're in charge of how complicated our life is?


  1. I tend to complicate things when they don't need to be that way. I guess I just like the drama attached to it. I hate the drama but I always seem to bring it so maybe I'm addicted to it.

  2. Man are you honest! wow! Love your frank way...just started a blog...something similar to yours... *grin* & I was thinking i was the only loony on this site!lol!No offence btw...

  3. you know after exploring your blog a little,i find you are actually somewhat like me & vice versa...i kind of get in understand you...that's a first...

  4. we all strive for some semblance of simplicity, but life doesnt tend to be as simple as we'd like it to be. So, it spirals varying degrees for everyone. but isnt that the fun of life as we know it>?

    great post

  5. I think sometimes we know exactly how to un-complicate our lives, but we are afraid to take the required steps. Most of the time we are in control, but some decision are out of our hands, or in fact, decision taken by others influence us, without our consent and there's nothing we can do about it. I guess it can make life a living hell, but it can also make it interesting. Living simply life is dull, after all.

  6. I complicate everything - everything! It's so silly and I have to consciously ask myself if it's really that difficult and try to un-complicate it.

  7. i think the way you act determines how complicated something is. i lead a very uncomplicated life. and i love it. i lead that because i don't let my life get complicated. does that make sense? lol.

    love, rach.

  8. Here's the amazing thing about my life it's naturally out of control so any moment of simplicity I love. I enjoyed your post


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