Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I feel like a bit of a tool today. Not just because of the usual stupidity that has surfaced over the past few weeks about the decisions I have made over the past six months or so and whether they were the wrong ones all along. I just kept doing stupid things.

For example, I almost cried in a meeting where I was asking about annual leave and was told I probably wouldn't be able to get the week off I wanted. I wasn't ACTUALLY crying, but I could hear my voice rising to a bit of a squeak and was struggling to blink back the tears. Heck, I can't help being over-emotional right now, but it's STILL bloody embarrassing.

Then at lunchtime, I went to sit in the kitchen with my friend and realised that, despite carefully planning my lunch of crackers and pate, painstakingly counting out crackers and placing them in tin foil, then sectioning off some pate to stick in a tupperware compartment . . . I HAD FORGOTTEN A BLOODY KNIFE TO SPREAD IT WITH! Cut to me, using a FORK (because of COURSE I had a fork, even though I had absolutely no need for one) to spread my pate on cracker after cracker, in front of other human beings!!! Duh Paula.

And so to the last stupidity of the day. Which was the stupidest. Me getting up to leave at 4pm, doing my usual OCD check of my bag to make sure I had everything . . . and realising I'd forgotten my housekeys! I usually keep them in the inside pocket of whatever bag i'm using. And they weren't there. I had changed bags this morning, and I'm usually really paranoid that I might forget my keys so always check, but I didn't seem to have them on this occasion! Oh shit! I'd locked myself out!

Cue the panic, which I had of course to share with my surrounding deskmates. "What will you do?" they asked me, as I rummaged frantically through my bag. "How will you get in?"

"I don't know," I mumbled, once again fighting the urge to cry. (What can I say? I'm miserable AND potentially hormonal as well.) "I definitely don't have them. I've checked everywhere. I'm going to have to hope that one of my flatmates is in and actually answers the door. I might even" *gulps* "have to TALK to them!"

But all the same, I marched out of the office, not wanting to stay a moment longer. As I swung my bag onto my shoulder though, I noticed that my bag had a large zippy section on the FRONT of it. And - oh yes - my keys were in there.

How I'd managed not to notice that zippy pocket is beyond me. It's not even like it was a NEW bag; I've had it for years.

I'm going to blame my sadness for making me so stupid.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a new day and I will redeem myself and prove that I'm actually clever after all.

Proving I'm not miserable . . . well, that will probably be rather more of a challenge . . .

What stupid things have you done recently? Please, help a girl out here - it's Cheer-me-Up Tuesday and I NEED cheering up!!!


  1. The stupidest thing happened to me last week... My office has this "batch system" with which you open the entry door. there's a second door, which, during the day (and up to my knowledge) has always been open. Well, seems like these rules have changed, and after 7:30pm they close the second door so you also need the batch to go out.

    Obviously, I've lost my batch, got through the first door which had an inside button and then got stuck at the second one without batch. So... I spent 20 minutes between 2 glass doors, waiting until someone else came out of the building. 20 minutes. It was so embarrassing when a director had to "save me" from always crying! (did I mention I also had to pee??)

  2. Stupidest thing? Signed an email to a client with an "x" [kiss]... luckily she didn't seem to notice :-)
    Hope you have a better rest of week!

  3. Aw, sounds like you just needed to go back home, go back to bed and try it again the next day! :(

  4. Well my partner and I were at the bank and after I had given our home number she needed to get a number off my partner, the home number and he had no clue. They then asked for his mother's number (the house in which he grew up in and rings all the time) and he proceeded to make up some random number then said I cannot remember it I have gone blank. Embarrassing! We were then putting together a clothes hanging rack with wheels and I said you just push the wheels in ... getting frustrated with him and he said 'oh I thought they were screw ins.' They have no thread, I screamed 'ahhhh'.

    You don't need to be so down. I am on medication that works so well. Even though I still have my moments, if it weren't for these meds I would be back in hospital. Not eating, not responding to anyone and curling in a ball! Maybe think about seeking good help. I emphasise good! I also see a fantastic psychologist (I never believed in them til this guy).
    Chin up! We all do stupid crap : ) and we always seem to do a lot on the same day!

  5. Dont worry, I locked myself out tonight.

  6. Hugs. I do stuff like that a lot but nothing comes immediately to mind, so, hugs instead.

  7. *hug*

    We all do this - over the weekend I lost
    - my housekey, meaning a trip across Glasgow at 10pm as my husband had the only other one.
    -My train ticket, cue tuts from the husband and £5 I'll never see again
    -the plug for my phone charger, we are now changing ours from our computers.

    I do think being sad or tired drastically effects how you do things that are very routine, so give yourself a break.

    Hope you feel better soon. x

  8. Hope your day gets/got better!

    I once searched everywhere for my sunglasses just to realize that I was WEARING THEM.

    That actually happened like two days ago.



  9. I have walked into lampposts on more occasions than I care to admit...

  10. Pregnancy brain. In a nutshell, I forget everything. Embarrassing.


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