Sunday, 26 June 2011


Many of my former classmates seem to have became teachers, and so in the run up to this weekend, my Facebook feed was clogged up with people boasting about their six and a half weeks off work. (I'm not slagging them for this, you understand; if it was me, I would be facebook-smearing it all over everyone else's face.)

So understandably, I've been a little jealous. I WANT BIG LONG HOLIDAYS. Secretly, I possibly also want to be a teacher. It would probably beat admin work. And my parents are both retired teachers so perhaps it's in my blood. So in order to stem the jealousy, I have been telling myself the following:

1. I couldn't be a teacher anyway because I find it nigh on impossible to talk to groups of people. More than two or three at a time and I stutter over my words (if not completely lose all comprehension of the English language), and blush so much I'm practically purple. And this would be the same no matter WHAT age the children I was teaching were.

2. I find it really hard to explain how to do things. And my patience can wear thin pretty quickly when trying to show someone how to do something anyway. It ain't ideal.

3. I would have to take my holidays at the same time as the kids. Which would mean the likelihood of me meeting fellow colleagues/pupils on holiday are going to be pretty damn high. Seriously. The times I went on holiday with my mum when she was still a teacher, we nearly ALWAYS ran into someone she knew. Don't you go on holiday to ESCAPR your work?

4. In addition, holiday prices during school holidays are always far higher.

5. If I am on annual leave for a mere WEEK I don't particularly want to go back when my time is up. If I was on annual leave for six times that, I think you'd be dragging me kicking and screaming back to work!

So school teachers, I'll try not to be jealous of your holidays because of all of this. I'll try really really hard. Even though I have no idea when MY next annual leave can possibly take place as it looks like I'm going to be snowed under for AT LEAST the next five weeks.

Big massive sigh . . . :-(

PS Just caught a massive typo after publishing there. Instead of "snowed under", I had put "snogged under". Hmmm. Freudian slip, perhaps?


  1. Not going to lie... I'm really looking forward to those breaks! ;)

  2. I couldn't be a teacher either. I actually tried. Did half my degree. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I was a student teacher at a little hippie school. They frowned at me because I dressed nicely (but appropriately) and there was this kid called Twilight who pooped everywhere.
    That was AFTER the school full of teenaged boys who were literally delinquents, despite the fact that I was only supposed to be teaching primary school students (7th grade max).
    Sigh. No holidays in the world could make me do it for a living after that!!

  3. I thought at one point in my life (oh so very long ago) that I could be a teacher and be all happy go lucky all the time. Turns out, my personality is NOT so bubbly and I'd be one of those raging bitch teachers. So instead I will keep persisting that the financial institution I work for have the same hours and schedule as schools do. :)


  4. Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..

  5. Good reasons! And also, love the freudian slip :P


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