Monday, 2 May 2011


Victoria Park, Glasgow

I mean, it hasn't been a particularly eventful weekend for ME, per se. But it has been pretty eventful in terms of world history. A royal wedding to kick it off, the death of the most wanted man in the world to end it . . . it's been pretty intense, right?

Anyway, despite my long weekend not being particularly eventful, I have had a pretty great time all in all. The weather has been fab, which always helps my mood. I've been outdoors a lot and I'm just feeling really happy as a result. There's been lots of ice cream and wine. A person who is making me feel really happy. AND I'm not back at work until Thursday. Life is good. :-)

Of course, I still have had my usual rage issues to contend with, mainly while sunbathing in the Botanic Gardens. Like the little child who kicked a ball at my back and then, when ordered to apologise to me by his dad, sing-songed "Sorry" in a clearly sarcastic (how can a five year old be an expert on sarcasm???) way. Or the group of really loud annoying teenagers who decided to sit next to me today and proceeded to let me listen to every word of their discussion. Which was of no interest to anyone but them. Then there was the point where they all decided to "play dead". Unfortunately, they didn't do that very well. If they had, I may have had a bit more peace and quiet.

Anyway, tonight is for lazing about in my room, imbibing some wine and catching up on my internet activities. It's harder to do that kinda stuff when you're not actually indoors, isn't it?

How have your weekends been? What do you think of the whole Osama Bin Laden thing? Feel free to share!


  1. I have to admit, I was a bit curious how the rest of the world viewed the demise of Laden. I know it was HUGE here in the States and lots of gatherings, but wasn't sure what others from different countries thought.

    Next time you sunbathe, bring an iPod. It'll help immensely.

  2. A lot of people are getting extremely holier than thou on they're stance on the whole OBL thing ... but I stand by being glad he is dead. I don't care who killed him, I'm just glad he's gone. I feel like we're one step closer to being done with the war on terror.
    What do people think and say across the pond?

  3. So strange that I was at the park just a couple of hours before you lol

    I saw something on Facebook saying that this weekend was like a Disney story - a fairytale wedding and the demise of a villain.

  4. My weekend was full of rain & work which sucked big time, BUT there was also a night out with too much wine consumed, night in with chinese, films, kisses & cuddles.

    And Bin Laden.... I'm a bit dubious.


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