Saturday, 21 May 2011

. . .

I have pretty much nothing to say. Seriously. Nothing.

Oh, except . . . I LOVE THIS SONG. I am addicted!

Is it just me???

Monday, 9 May 2011


Do you remember my edible shoes??? (not literally edible, obvs.)

Well, every since the first time I bought them, Primark have stocked variations of them. Always pretty, always with good grips on them, a mere six quid a pair. How can I resist? No matter how the style of them is varied, they only ever have seemed to be available in a few colours. Namely black, gold or silver.

Today, while in Primark, I decided it might be an idea to see if they had any in stock. As I mentioned recently, I go through ballet pumps at a rate of knots, due to walking so much. I practically stock pile these shoes, for realsies.

And then . . . I made an incredible discovery.


Pale blue and lilac, as per below - these were the ones I ended up buying.

There were also white ones and lemon ones, but I had to draw the line somewhere. I AM skint, after all.

But - oh my god - day? Officially made!

Add to that several glasses of rose, a sweet email from someone quite far away from me right now (sad face - at least it's not for long though!) AND the fact that I only have three days of work left before I have yet another long weekend, and I'm feeling pretty damn happy right now.

What's making YOU happy?

Friday, 6 May 2011


  • DYING - this is pretty much my biggest fear. Or is it the idea that there may not necessarily be anything AFTER death? Maybe it's the idea of complete oblivion, of nothingness, that scares me most. (I could probably make a complete post out of just that, but it's Friday night and I'm not feeling quite angsty enough.)
  • CREEPY-CRAWLIES - mainly spiders. I talked about them once before. They freak me out. But anything creepy crawly gives me the heebie-jeebies. Unfortunately in old buildings such as my flat, you get a ton of 'em. Yuck! (Cue full body shiver.) Oh, and speaking of creepy-crawly things, I also hate snakes. They are too slithery and sneaky for my liking. (Another shiver.)
  • FLYING - Between the ages of 11 and 25 I didn't go on a plane at all, and I don't know if this, combined with a morbid fascination of reading about plane crashes (I know - wtf???) has shaped this fear. I probably fly a few times a year nowadays, sometimes even voluntarily and I STILL am convinced I am going to die in a crash in the run up to every flight. I don't know how air hostesses and pilots can go on planes daily voluntarily FOR A LIVING. I fly down to London occasionally for work - one day I said to a colleague that I was convinced my death will be down to a plane crash, and his response was: "Well, don't expect ME to ever fly to London with you." Thanks for that . . . What also freaks me out are the safety instructions that, in the instance of having to exit the plane via the emergency chute, that you must leave all belongings behind you. The part of me who always grabs all my belongings during a fire drill in work balks at that. What? Leave my passport behind??? I might be about to slide into the ocean and possibly be eaten by sharks, but . . . WHAT IF I CAN'T GET BACK INTO MY COUNTRY??? What can I say, my priorities are a little skewed.
  • HIGH BUILDINGS/HEIGHTS IN GENERAL - even before 9/11, overly tall buildings freaked me out. I looked at the pictures of that impossibly high building in Dubai with feelings of mild horror rather than feeling remotely impressed. The idea of the glass floors on the skydeck on the "Willis Tower" (which will always be the Sears Tower to me) make butterflies travel around my stomach. As does the idea of a man walking a tightrope between the ill-fated Twin Towers. Or a man climbing up the outside of high buildings, a la Alain Robert. Good God, I've come over all faint just typing all that.
  • THE DENTIST - hence the reason why I'm hoping the horrid toothache I'm experiencing tonight will go away on its own. The only reason why I ever went to the dentist as a child was because we were herded there as a family en masse. Anything that sounds remotely like a dentist's drill instills fear in my heart.
  • WAKING UP TO FIND A STRANGER IN MY ROOM - given that this has actually already happened to me, it perhaps shouldn't still be a fear. But it is. I always put my kettlebell in front of my door before I go to bed (the lock on my door doesn't work properly). It might not keep anyone out for long, but at least it will make enough of a noise to wake me up!

What scares YOU?

Monday, 2 May 2011


Victoria Park, Glasgow

I mean, it hasn't been a particularly eventful weekend for ME, per se. But it has been pretty eventful in terms of world history. A royal wedding to kick it off, the death of the most wanted man in the world to end it . . . it's been pretty intense, right?

Anyway, despite my long weekend not being particularly eventful, I have had a pretty great time all in all. The weather has been fab, which always helps my mood. I've been outdoors a lot and I'm just feeling really happy as a result. There's been lots of ice cream and wine. A person who is making me feel really happy. AND I'm not back at work until Thursday. Life is good. :-)

Of course, I still have had my usual rage issues to contend with, mainly while sunbathing in the Botanic Gardens. Like the little child who kicked a ball at my back and then, when ordered to apologise to me by his dad, sing-songed "Sorry" in a clearly sarcastic (how can a five year old be an expert on sarcasm???) way. Or the group of really loud annoying teenagers who decided to sit next to me today and proceeded to let me listen to every word of their discussion. Which was of no interest to anyone but them. Then there was the point where they all decided to "play dead". Unfortunately, they didn't do that very well. If they had, I may have had a bit more peace and quiet.

Anyway, tonight is for lazing about in my room, imbibing some wine and catching up on my internet activities. It's harder to do that kinda stuff when you're not actually indoors, isn't it?

How have your weekends been? What do you think of the whole Osama Bin Laden thing? Feel free to share!