Sunday, 10 April 2011


Last night I got back from a week on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, and I had an ace time.

There were two exceptions. One was the last few hours before we left the island. I will probably rant about this to you shortly (and I bet you're on the edge of your seat, right?) The other was the severe case of sunlounger "reserving" going on at our apartments.

Now, I do get unnecessarily wound up about things beyond my control. I KNOW this. (If I didn't, I'd have to have pretty much no self-awareness whatsoever.) I also get frustrated and angry about little petty things and I know this is one of those things. But it was something that pissed me off all week.

So I don't have a problem with people laying out on a sunlounger and then deciding they need a quick nip inside to avoid burning up or a quick breakfast at the pool bar, and leaving their towel to reserve the lounger they've chosen. If they've found a prime location for their lounger, cared enough to get up to secure it and have then USED it for a couple of hours, then fair enough. Work away.

What infuriates me those are the ones who get up to reserve a lounger but then have no intention of using it until later that day. Instead they have either gone back to bed for several hours, or gone to the beach or even gone on a half day trip . . . sometimes the weather is maybe not looking particularly promising so they don't want to sit OUT in that, but they want to be able to if it gets nicer later on . . .

I have been places where this is rife, and other places where it doesn't really happen. These particular apartments fell into the former category.

One morning, me and my sister walked out to the pool fairly early on. It wasn't particularly nice outside, a bit overcast, but we thought we'd lie out there anyway. Most of the loungers were already reserved by towels. We lay there for nearly an hour waiting for decent sunshine before giving up . . . . in that time, not one of the be-toweled loungers became occupied.

Then the following day, there was the woman who laid out five sun loungers near to us and draped them with five towels before going back to her apartment. She was in her pyjamas, by the way. We lay out there for four hours and in that entire time of those sun loungers being reserved, she was out twice, probably for less than an hour in total, and only one other member of her party was there at any point. There was certainly no need for five loungers to be reserved in one of the best areas surrounding the pool.

It's just sheer selfishness. As far as I'm concerned, if you put your towel on a sunlounger, USE THE BLOODY THING.

Yes, I think I became somewhat of a SunLounger Monitor during this particular holiday. Not that I said anything. I just tutted, glared, and passive-aggressively muttered things to my sister about the culprits (lucky her.) At least it kept me occupied though!

Does this annoy anyone else?


  1. I HATE that too !!! Last time I saw that was in Cuba. I really don't understand at what time people get up to lay down their towels... I was there already at 9:30am and it was almost full (no person to see, only towels...).

  2. I hate that too. Normally I'd join you in your rant and add lots of exclamation marks to my comment. But I'm feeling to chilled after my lovely weekend and I refuse to work myself up to exclamation marks :) Nevertheless, I do actually completely agree with you and will have to take care not to become a SunLounger Monitor when I go on holiday to Gran Canaria in May. Wooot :)
    Glad your holiday was ace anyway :)

  3. I hate that too. There should be a sign--if you're not in your chair for more than an hour or two, it's free for anyone else to use.

  4. That sounds REALLY FRICKIN' ANNOYING! They really don't have any right to do that. I would have removed the towels that had been there for a couple of hours, folded them neatly and put them beside the loungers. Then I would get on those loungers and enjoy them! You paid to have that privilege too!

    I am sure the resort people would have been on your side too if a complaint was made! :)

  5. I just move towels if they don't look like they have any intention of arriving. Fold the towel neatly and leave it on a table somewhere. Tough shit really!

  6. I find this highly frustrating as well, I wish all hotels had a no towel on lounger policy. Would solve the problem. You cannot reserve or if you want to go for lunch or something you have a wee flag, oh I dont know, it might work!

    Glad you had a good holiday z

  7. Oh yes, super annoying! But most of all, the whole getting-annoyed-about-things-you-can't-control... I do that ALL the time even though I'm really quite laid back about things I do have control over. This winter the heat in my apartment was controlled by the girl across the hall - I would get super irritated if it was on too much, especially in the middle of the night. I recently shared a room with a friend of mine whose allergies made her snore - it wasn't her fault but I was SOOO irritated I couldn't sleep. Yes, I'm a crazy.

  8. I know exactly what you mean and I am with you 100%

  9. I'm with Jack - to hell with them!

    If you're confronted, deny everything, then ask when they laid the towels down.

    As I'm not a sunworshipper, I can't speak from experience, but I have heard that Germans are pretty bad for that sort of sunlounger behaviour.


  10. Ohhhhh yes.

    I generally wait for half an hour, shove the towels out of my way and lounge away. If anyone complains, I tell them exactly where to shove it... :P

  11. They have SUN in Glasgow? Weird. :)

  12. This makes me mad too! Really boiling mad! I was in the Dominican Republic in February and every morning one guy (British!) came out and used 4 towels to reserve the best 8 loungers next to the pool- one towel to 2 loungers! How annoying! We made sure that every time we went in the pool we'd 'accidentally' splash the loungers and get the towels wet... not that the family ever appeared to sit there and notice our hard work!


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