Monday, 25 April 2011


I absolutely LOVE spending money. I just wish I had more to spend. But there are some things I resent having to buy. I feel like I'm continuously running out of these items, and I hate having to constantly spend money on them . . .

Hair grips
- I always like to have a stash of these for trying to make interesting hair styles (although I generally give up halfway through and end up leaving my hair loose) and I'm ALWAYS misplacing them.

Black tights
- I don't like exposing my fluorescent white legs to the masses so black tights are a necessity. But they ALWAYS end up with holes in the toes, ladders in the legs, and more often than not decide to roll down as I walk. Every few months I buy two or three packs of tights and vow to throw out all the rest. And somehow it doesn't happen and I now have about forty pairs of black tights which nearly all have SOMETHING wrong with them. Oh how I LOVE playing Black Tights Roulette every morning. The only advantage is I tend to end up with a hole in my tights rather than a hole in my head...

Contact lens cleaner
- I feel like I am ALWAYS running out of this. And it's inexplicably expensive. Unfortunately, if I want to actually be able to SEE, I need to clean my contacts every once in a while. Sigh.

Batteries and lightbulbs - both things I am ALWAYS running out of and ALWAYS seem to forget I need. And now my former BFF P.G. (ie the vibrator) has died the death, it barely even seems WORTH buying the batteries . . .

Toilet paper
- Yep, it's still me that ALWAYS seems to have to buy this. Even when I went on holiday for a week recently and made sure I didn't leave in toilet paper in the loo, I came back to discover the flatmates had apparently been using some sort of tissue paper. And I mean tissue paper in the sense of the sort of tissue paper that you use to wrap presents. I can't imagine THAT is too nice on one's bottom.

Ballet pumps - When you spend over an hour a day walking, and the ground underfoot is often wet and yucky, these are never going to last long. I currently have about ten pairs of similar looking Primark pumps, in varying degrees of falling-apart lying around my bedroom. Virtually anytime I go to Primark (which isn't very often considering how much I loathe the place) I end up stocking up on more pairs. Oh well, at least they're cheap . . .



  1. I have a suggestion..pour a glass of wine, grab the garbage can and go through your tights (sip in between each pair you inspect) and either toss out or put back drawer.

    Repeat this process the next week except swap out inspecting the tights with inspecting the slippers.

    In the States we have stores where you can buy in bulk (Costco, BJs or Sams Club) do you have a store like that where you live? I only have to go every 4 to 6 months for stuff like you mentioned.

  2. Ugh, I hate buying things like contacts solution or toilet paper! We tend to buy some of that stuff in bulk at Costco so that eases the pain a tad! ;)

  3. I cannot believe your flatmates are so lazy they wiped their bums with wrapping paper instead of buying their own toilet paper - what kind of weirdos are they?!

    And for me, i hate having to spend money on socks. Kind of like you with your stockings, i have to wear socks to work everyday ( even though i'd rather wear flats or nice sandals, i'm not allowed )and for some reason my washing machine has a habit of eating my socks. But, you know, like only one sock from each pair. But i just cant justify spending so much money on socks all the time so i just wear odd socks most days...

  4. Flip flops! Every summer, I have to buy flip flops. They're just rubber or plastic, how could they be so fragile?? Today, I saw that a pair I bought in March are already missing a rhinestone. And those weren't even purchased at Target. Flip flips are summer's ballet flats.

  5. I'm with you on toilet paper and batteries. And shampoo (I always forget it). In fact, I hate grocery shopping with a passion lately :P

  6. I'm gonna go with the toilet paper and batteries. I live by myself so I can't figure out how I manage to go through toilet paper so quickly!

  7. Hey P! :)

    Firstly, I cannot believe your flat mates. What is wrong with them?!!! You should totally check out Home Bargains for your toiletries - much cheapness. They even sell wine! Hope you are good. Cracking weather, eh? x

  8. Laundry detergent. It's insanely expensive...but you have to have it unless you want to go around being smelly. :)

  9. i'm a conditioner addict. at any given moment i have more than 2 bottles of it in my least i have soft hair?

  10. i hate buying contact solution too and mine is relatively expensive. so annoying! i also don't like buying socks or undies ;)

  11. Little Ms Blogger has the right idea - start the work but reward yourself with some wine for each pair you check! :D

    Whenever I've had to work from home, that's how I reward myself. One big gulp for every bit of paperwork I finish and upload.

    Batteries, I only use for the vibrator. And despite not being single anymore, it's not as if I'm getting action at the click of my fingers! And so the substitute has to suffice until my needs are properly seen to ;)

    I can't think of anything else... lol

  12. Im looking for a lot of Black Opaque Tights..rips dont matter as i shall be cutting them up ..if you have any let me know,i will then send you my email adress.

  13. Or ... save the tights and double them over for colder weather. There are bound to be two that don't have holes in the same places!

    I'm always running out of hair bands but that's not so much of a problem because I can knot my hair out of the way.

  14. Hello! I was just having a little catch-up, and am annoyed at some of your entries that I've managed to miss... like THIS one! I sooooooo have a post in the drafts about annoying neccesary spends...(I promise it was there all the time!) Yours makes a good read!

    ...and I'm sorry to hear that things are still shit. Hoping for happier things in your life very soon, and some good news. Sending positive vibes your way.


    PS- you would not believe how much we have in common, I read through your 'who is P' the other week and there are loads of similarities! (And I know I'm just a random, but if you feel like a chat, feel free to email a bloggy kindred soul some time). Take care.


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