Friday, 29 April 2011


1. We get an extra day off work.

2. Dominos is doing a royal wedding deal - buy one pizza, get one free - until Sunday.

3. Apparently it is an excuse to start drinking early.

4. Since the Prince is marrying a girl who isn't already royalty of some sort and is also quite a good looking girl, this may be the start of the Royals looking slightly less in-bred. Go Kate!!!

I'm not planning on watching, apart from to see The Dress at some point. I'm going back to sleep. I may not be a royalist or believe in the monarchy, but I do wish the two of them all the best though - they do both seem like very nice people and deserve all the happiest in the world. And for the rest of the world watching the Royal Wedding, hope you enjoy!!!!

Monday, 25 April 2011


I absolutely LOVE spending money. I just wish I had more to spend. But there are some things I resent having to buy. I feel like I'm continuously running out of these items, and I hate having to constantly spend money on them . . .

Hair grips
- I always like to have a stash of these for trying to make interesting hair styles (although I generally give up halfway through and end up leaving my hair loose) and I'm ALWAYS misplacing them.

Black tights
- I don't like exposing my fluorescent white legs to the masses so black tights are a necessity. But they ALWAYS end up with holes in the toes, ladders in the legs, and more often than not decide to roll down as I walk. Every few months I buy two or three packs of tights and vow to throw out all the rest. And somehow it doesn't happen and I now have about forty pairs of black tights which nearly all have SOMETHING wrong with them. Oh how I LOVE playing Black Tights Roulette every morning. The only advantage is I tend to end up with a hole in my tights rather than a hole in my head...

Contact lens cleaner
- I feel like I am ALWAYS running out of this. And it's inexplicably expensive. Unfortunately, if I want to actually be able to SEE, I need to clean my contacts every once in a while. Sigh.

Batteries and lightbulbs - both things I am ALWAYS running out of and ALWAYS seem to forget I need. And now my former BFF P.G. (ie the vibrator) has died the death, it barely even seems WORTH buying the batteries . . .

Toilet paper
- Yep, it's still me that ALWAYS seems to have to buy this. Even when I went on holiday for a week recently and made sure I didn't leave in toilet paper in the loo, I came back to discover the flatmates had apparently been using some sort of tissue paper. And I mean tissue paper in the sense of the sort of tissue paper that you use to wrap presents. I can't imagine THAT is too nice on one's bottom.

Ballet pumps - When you spend over an hour a day walking, and the ground underfoot is often wet and yucky, these are never going to last long. I currently have about ten pairs of similar looking Primark pumps, in varying degrees of falling-apart lying around my bedroom. Virtually anytime I go to Primark (which isn't very often considering how much I loathe the place) I end up stocking up on more pairs. Oh well, at least they're cheap . . .


Sunday, 17 April 2011


. . . has ACTUALLY been around for years.

I remember Robyn (who is only about four months older than me) being around back when I was a teenager, singing so-sugary-you-could-gag-on-it sweet pop. But since those days she's actually become pretty cool. I am absolutely addicted to her album "Robyn" from a few years back, which I have been listening to over and over for the past few days, and her album "Body Talk" is also starting to grow on me.

So what about you? Do you like Robyn? What album can YOU not get enough of at the moment? Feel free to share! Available from amazon: Robyn (UK Edition Bonus Track)

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Last night I got back from a week on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, and I had an ace time.

There were two exceptions. One was the last few hours before we left the island. I will probably rant about this to you shortly (and I bet you're on the edge of your seat, right?) The other was the severe case of sunlounger "reserving" going on at our apartments.

Now, I do get unnecessarily wound up about things beyond my control. I KNOW this. (If I didn't, I'd have to have pretty much no self-awareness whatsoever.) I also get frustrated and angry about little petty things and I know this is one of those things. But it was something that pissed me off all week.

So I don't have a problem with people laying out on a sunlounger and then deciding they need a quick nip inside to avoid burning up or a quick breakfast at the pool bar, and leaving their towel to reserve the lounger they've chosen. If they've found a prime location for their lounger, cared enough to get up to secure it and have then USED it for a couple of hours, then fair enough. Work away.

What infuriates me those are the ones who get up to reserve a lounger but then have no intention of using it until later that day. Instead they have either gone back to bed for several hours, or gone to the beach or even gone on a half day trip . . . sometimes the weather is maybe not looking particularly promising so they don't want to sit OUT in that, but they want to be able to if it gets nicer later on . . .

I have been places where this is rife, and other places where it doesn't really happen. These particular apartments fell into the former category.

One morning, me and my sister walked out to the pool fairly early on. It wasn't particularly nice outside, a bit overcast, but we thought we'd lie out there anyway. Most of the loungers were already reserved by towels. We lay there for nearly an hour waiting for decent sunshine before giving up . . . . in that time, not one of the be-toweled loungers became occupied.

Then the following day, there was the woman who laid out five sun loungers near to us and draped them with five towels before going back to her apartment. She was in her pyjamas, by the way. We lay out there for four hours and in that entire time of those sun loungers being reserved, she was out twice, probably for less than an hour in total, and only one other member of her party was there at any point. There was certainly no need for five loungers to be reserved in one of the best areas surrounding the pool.

It's just sheer selfishness. As far as I'm concerned, if you put your towel on a sunlounger, USE THE BLOODY THING.

Yes, I think I became somewhat of a SunLounger Monitor during this particular holiday. Not that I said anything. I just tutted, glared, and passive-aggressively muttered things to my sister about the culprits (lucky her.) At least it kept me occupied though!

Does this annoy anyone else?