Monday, 21 March 2011


I don't know if I've mentioned this (I actually don't know if I have, I'm not being sarcastic or anything!) but I'm going on holiday in less than two weeks!!! Yay. Seriously. Very excited. Me and my sister are off to Fuerteventura - the first time I've been to my beloved Canary Islands in over two years.

Anyhoo . . . before that happens . . . we have an event I hate.

The clocks going forward by an hour.

Why do I hate it??? Well, does ANYONE like to lose an hour of their weekend? Why can't they make the clocks go forward at, let's say, one pm on a Wednesday afternoon? That way we're one hour CLOSER to the weekend, not losing part of it. Sounds better to me.

For the record, let's keep the clocks going back an hour in late October happening in the early hours of a Sunday, as always. I like the extra hour I can spend in bed, or drinking wine, or lying in bed and THINKING about drinking wine, or lying in bed AND drinking wine . . . that's all good, and all fine for a Sunday. I even like to wait until the Sunday when i wake up to change the time on my watch. It's such a nice feeling to say "Oooh, it's ten am on a Sunday . . . aaaahhhhhhhh, bliss. Oh . . . but wait! It's actually only 9am. Back to sleep for me!"

On the other hand, when it comes to the clocks going forward, I try to remember and put my watch forward the night before. Because otherwise I forget, and that is SUCH a horrible feeling. There was one time it got to 3pm on a Sunday afternoon before I remembered it was in fact 4pm. I had actually lost an hour. Another time I arranged to meet my mum in the city centre but forgot to change my watch and it was only when she text to say she was on her way into town while I was still lazing around in my bed that I realised what was going on.

My theory is this: if you don't accept in advance that you've lost that hour and just EMBRACE it, you actually feel like you've lost half a day. It's heartbreaking!

Isn't it weird how 60 minutes can sometimes feel like such a big loss? Especially on a weekend . . .


  1. Ours went forward a couple of weekends ago and I'm still whining about it. Bonus though, lighter nights! YAY!

  2. ohhh.... FUERTEVENTURA. Which part are you going to? Im back to Tenerife for a week in 1 month !!!! I can't wait!!

  3. Going to Caleta de Fuste - been to Corralejo twice before so should be interesting to go somewhere else in Fuerte!

  4. lucky, hope you have a great vacation :)

  5. You'll have an awesome time! And it's a place with a name that's fun to say :D

    I try not to think too much about the whole 'clocks forward / back' thing, otherwise I know it'll confuse me or I'll be grouchy about losing an hour.

    Although let's be totally honest, babe - between the number of blackouts we've both experienced while drunk, I don't think temporarily losing just one hour is that big of a deal! :P


  6. You have some very good ideas about bed and wine!

  7. Oooh, enjoy your hols.

    I hate the hour lost but I love the light nights so much that I'd be willing to sacrifice two of them!



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