Thursday, 3 March 2011


Okay, so if you've been reading my blog for pretty much any amount of time, you'll know that I get angry fairly easily, especially when it comes to being out in public with PEOPLE. Eeek. I suffer from intense pavement rage and sometimes think people who just randomly STOP in the street without checking whether or not someone is right behind them should possibly be fined. I feel similarly about cyclists who think they have the right of way while cycling on a pavement and who also think the rules of the road don't apply to them when travelling alongside cars.

But recently I've been suffering from severe road rage.

Which is odd since I don't have a car and can't drive.

And am hardly ever in anyone else's car.

It's an observational sort of road rage. Because, y'know, I have enough to deal with on my way to work with the aforementioned cyclists trying to run me over while I'm walking where I'm supposed to be and they're cycling where they're not, or trying to overtake superslow walkers who always seem to come in packs, or trying to navigate a narrow part of pavement in the rain with an umbrella wavering around above me, and a person walking in the other direction ALSO with a brolly...

Now I've got to deal with motorists getting in my way too!!!

Seriously, I honestly don't know how some people actually ever managed to get their driver's licence, because they don't seem to have a clue what they're doing. Do they even HAVE a licence, I can't help but wonder?

And if they CAN drive, well they're just arseholes. Here are some examples:

***I have many roads to cross on my way to work, and I generally stick to crossing safely at traffic lights. Recently this has become virtually impossible though as impatient drivers zoom through red lights rather than just fucking braking at the light like they're SUPPOSED to and I can't trust the green light in MY favour to actually stop them from hitting me!

***In addition, there seems to be a more regular occurrence of drivers blocking the junction so that when the green man appears for my safe journey across the road, I can't actually GET across the road because there's cars all OVER the bloody place and no space for me to squeeze through!!!

***On my way to work a few days ago, I was sprayed by a car by surface water at the side of the road. Now, I know sometimes this is unavoidable - I understand that. But this car had went into the bus lane to overtake a line of cars queuing at a red light . . . it was going too fast and wasn't where it should have been. ARSEHOLE!

On a related note, a few years ago I actually had to go home and CHANGE when a lorry ran a red light on purpose and sprayed me from head to toe with water from the side of the road. Luckily it was only a five minute walk home, because when I got there I realised that my face was all dirty and my make-up had ran thanks to the water. Yup - HE was an arsehole too!!!

It's a bit shit that I can't feel safe crossing a road at a green traffic light because some people are impatient selfish buggers who can't just hang tight and sit and wait for a light to change. I know not everyone is like this and it must be a minority, but it's really pissing me off. And I must be missing out on some other niggly little driving crimes.

Do you notice any of these driving crimes, either as a pedestrian or a driver? Do they irritate YOU too??? Can you think of any more?


  1. Hell yes. As a pedestrian AND a driver, I notice all sorts of infuriating things. My biggest peeve is people who insist on using cell phones while driving. You see people on the phone while just walking on a pavement. They can't walk for shit. Weaving all over the place oblivious to everything but themselves. In a car they're even worse. And don't get me started on people who you can see TEXTING while driving. I like to honk loudly at them and make them jump. ASSHOLES.

  2. I'll admit to getting a bit of road rage from time to time. My biggest hate is people who cut me off in traffic, either because they've deliberately broken the rules of who gives way to who, or because they clearly dont understand them. Argh!

  3. My road rage is terrible but it doesn't affect my mood at all. I picked the date up from down the road the other day and in the 5 minute drive back to mine he actually commented on my road rage...and we only saw 1 car. i'm just as bad when i walk too, i call every driver who turns off without indicating an asshole

  4. I have so much road rage at people it's not even funny sometimes. Where I am people do the slow down and turn and APPARARENTLY turning signals are optional. It drives me nuts!!!! It's worse when I'm a passenger because I see everything. People really need to learn to drive!!

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  5. I'm so with you on all this! I cannot stand slow people, and living in London you do get a lot of slow tourists who thinking gazing up at the skies is an appropriate thing to do in rush hour at Oxford Circus.. and cyclists are such menaces, why do they think they can go through red lights?? It's all ridiculous. I don't drive either but have noticed when cars park in the junction so you fear you might be sliced in two if you walk in between!


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