Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I need to stop doing stupid things under the influence . . .

Last week after a drunken night out, I woke up in the bath. As in, a bath with water in it. Luckily, I didn't have the patience to run more than an inch or two of water. Phew.

The following night (St Paddy's), me and my friend stopped by a chip shop, where I bought chips and cheese and she bought chips and curry sauce. We shared a taxi home then I picked up the chips and curry sauce by accident. And proceeded to spill it all over myself. I had curry-bag, curry-dress, curry-mac and even, as I discovered the next day, a curry-purse! It is not nice to currify (a new word I have just invented) your clothes - just sayin'!

Last night I went to a see an American stand-up comedian. And apparently fell asleep during it. (It wasn't that I wasn't enjoying it, you understand). The best bit? I didn't even KNOW I'd fallen asleep once I'd woken back up. As far as I'm concerned, I saw the whole show. Weird, huh?

Now, I know there is a bit of funniness to all of these stories but I really DO need to calm down a bit. Doing stupid shit and barely remembering doing it - that's not cool.

How do I tell people about it otherwise???

What stupid things have YOU done under the influence (or while sober, even!) recently?


  1. Phew! I started reading your first paragraph and thought you were going to say you woke up in the bath...and it was filled with ice and some of your organs were missing...

    You can imagine my relief hahaha.

    You should probably cut down on the booze so that doesn't happen to you. I wouldn't worry so much then :)

  2. Haha!! I love drunk stories because they make me not feel as bad :) I woke up the day after Patty's day in my sweats, no shirt or top whatsoever and Patty's day beads around my neck... the worst part was apparently I felt the need to text one of my guy friends and tell him about it the night before!!

  3. I love this game :)

  4. Love it and we stole some stuff...sorry lol

  5. I currified my jacket during New Years, when, after leaving the party to beg the guys from mcdonalds to open for us, we desperately seeked for a sausage with curry. For some reason curry seems to like the feel of people's clothes...

  6. I was at this BYO Chines restaurant recently and a I knocked my class of wine into one of the dishes... no one noticed, thank god, and luckily for me the food I drowned in wine was already reddish color!

    there were some complaints about the taste but...

    this actually one of my more tame alcohol induced happenings;)


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