Friday, 25 February 2011


Okay, so I'm a bit clueless about TV. In terms of normal telly, all I have is freeview. I watch Hollyoaks fairly frequently and otherwise I just watch re-runs of Friends. I therefore love watching tv online, but I'm not sure what to watch next! Can you help me???

I also like shows like:

How I Met Your Mother (which I'm fully caught up on as it stands - who IS the mother, eh???)
Peep Show
90210 (yep, I'm shallow. I can't help it. And everyone is sooo purty.)
Being Erica
Samantha Who?
Flight of the Concords
The Inbetweeners
Arrested Development
Plus stuff that has a supernatural twist but is shallow enough to still keep me interested. In other words, things like Dead Like Me, Tru Calling, Buffy or Pushing Daisies.

I'm looking for some recommendations. What is must-see tv for you? What would you recommend for me, based on what I currently watch?

As long as I can find it online, I'll give it a go. So hit me with your best shot . . .


  1. The Big Bang Theory
    That 70's show
    Grey's Anatomy

  2. House is predictable but totally gripping. I'm also getting way into How I met your Mother!! Robin has got to be her... right??? Also, Peep Show? I think it would appeal to your sense of humour...

  3. Ah, depends on what mood you're in. If you fancy watching a HIMYM clone (with some of the same cast) then go for the pilot of Mad Love with Jason Biggs. Made me smile...

    If you're in a Grown Up mood (Tuesday evenings for me), then Laura Linney's The Big C is really fine.

    TV is ace...

  4. Something a bit darker? Dexter - all the way. It's brilliant.

    Dark Comedy? Breaking Bad.

    As above, Peep Show is an absolute must.

  5. Glee!!!! House is great too. Also, to the person above me re: HIMYM, it can't be Robin because he always refers to her as "Aunt Robin" to the kids. :)

  6. Try the Vampire Diaries. I LOVE it. Everyone is very purty :)
    Big Love is great too.
    And I like Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.

  7. The Big Bang as already recommended ;)

    As you seem to watch a lot of the same stuff of me I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest....

    Sh*t My Dad Says which is about to start on some Freeview channel that I forget now think it's Fiver. I only have Freeview too ;)
    but I've been a follower of Shit My Dad says for yonks - pre book and tv show (William Shatner is playing the Dad) so I'm hoping for good things x

  8. Oh and

    you have to at least watch a few episodes.
    But maybe I like it so much cos I'M a 6ft freak and it reminds me of my life :)

  9. I think Greek may be in the line of 90210. And same old Gossip Girl... Many of my friends are now watching Mad Men, it's the next one on my list!

  10. True Blood, True Blood, True Blood, True Blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I watch a lot of the shows you do - and also love:
    Mad Men
    Modern Family
    It's always sunny in Philadelphia

  12. Do you get "Modern Family", "Cougar Town" or "Community" over there yet? You might like those going by your choices. I like "30 Rock" a lot but I don't think that's on in the UK, though I could be wrong.

    I agree with "Dexter", that show gets better and better. And "Breaking Bad" is awesome, although it's not like any of your usual shows there. I'm a big fan of "Californication" as well, but don't watch that unless you like your humour a bit on the blue side. :) "Lost Girl" is a good, fairly light, supernatural type show but I don't know if it airs anywhere outside Canada yet or not.

    Ha! :)

  13. Dexter for sure. You'll be hooked and end up watching a whole season in one sitting.

  14. I LOVE the Inbetweeners. Did you see their Comic Relief "Rude Road Trip"?? Brilliant :)

    If you like supernatural type stuff, Ashes to Ashes (spin-off from Life on Mars) is BRILLIANT, as is Torchwood!

  15. Modern Family.
    Modern Family.
    Modern Family.

  16. I love HIMYM, I would love Robin to be the mother but he always refers to her as Aunt Robin ah well. Maybe it's Victoria. I love Barney hes hilarious.

    Here are my suggestions;

    Lie To Me
    One Tree Hill
    Cougar Town
    Hot In Cleveland
    Modern Family
    Being Human
    In Treatment

    If you want to see the Irish version of the Hills, look up Fade Street on the Rte Player.

  17. Pretty Little Liars has a slight supernatural twist, is incredibly shallow, and incredibly good.
    Modern family is also bloody hilarious

  18. BIG BANG THEORY definitely.

    For times when you fancy a giggle without needing to think: CELEBRITY JUICE (very funny, very silly, very rude.)

    BEING HUMAN (when it comes back next year for series 4)

    THE WALKING DEAD (previously on satellite. Just started series 1 on Channel 5)

    MISFITS Due back for series 3 this year - Think 'Heroes' with ASBOs.


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