Friday, 14 January 2011


While I am very much a girly-girl, I seem to be missing the gene that makes one want to chat on the phone for hours for no apparent reason.

As a teenager, when all my friends were gossiping on the phone to one another, I TRIED to do it too. I would have to almost force myself to actually do the phoning though. And then the conversation itself . . . I felt so AWKWARD. Why was I on the phone??? I could be reading a book. I was missing my favourite TV programme. And for what?? To have a conversation that would probably be re-hashed in person the following day (and for many days to come!) anyway??? Hmmmm.

I'm not the best at talking at the best of times. (My friends might disagree with that one.) But talking in person is FAR easier than talking on the phone. I'm guessing it's the lack of body language. The disembodied voice on the end of the phone. The fact that the other person could be pretty much doing ANYTHING while they are talking to you.

I'm a texter. The only thing that ever convinced me to get a mobile phone was text messaging. I'm great at that. I give good text. (I also give needy text and angry text, depending on the situation. And don't even get me STARTED on sexting. Seriously - just . . . don't!) If I want to phone someone, it's either because I'm seriously upset about something (for "something", read "a guy") and am crying too much to see the screen on my phone to text, or to say "where the fuck are you? We were meant to meet twenty minutes ago and YOU AREN'T HERE!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm not good at talking on the phone to ANYONE. It's not just friends. I don't like having to phone customer service departments. I order my pizza online, so as not to have to have any more contact with a human being than I have to. Every time my phone rings in work, I have to mentally psych myself up to pick it up.

I know, I know, I'm a weirdo.

I know I'm not the only one though. Other people I know have the same problem. That makes me feel slightly more normal. (Not that I necessarily want to BE normal...)

How about you? Are YOU a phone person? Or would you rather just pretend the phone isn't ringing until it stops?


  1. It's true! I hate phones with a passion. I'm fine using them for work but at home I don't want to talk on the phone. I use it to make arrangements or other need-to-do stuff and that's about it. And as for texting, that's about all I use my cell phone for too. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks phones are overrated. :)

  2. Don't tell anyone but I unplug my phone some nights so I don't have to answer it and talk to people.

    Love texting though!

  3. Like Taz,I also sometimes unplug the avoid certain people who think it's fine to talk for hours and hours, when I need to do stuff! I am happy to chat to a friend once a month or so, when we've made a plan to chat but I hate random phoners!

  4. OMG so glad you posted this - I am totally the same. I have such an irrational fear of phoning people, it drives my OH insane and makes me feel really crap and weak. I actually used to work in a call centre (answering phones tho!) but only had to take calls for about 2 days thank God before I was "promoted" lol...

  5. It all depends on who I'm talking to and what we're talking about.

    I used to work in an inbound call center. My co-workers used to complain about having to spend so much time on the phone. And yet, it used to amaze me that every single lunch or break time they had, they'd use their cell phone to call friends and family. I'm all, "Really?! You couldn't wait to get off the phone so you could get back on the phone?!" And seriously - who do you need to talk to on EVERY break and lunch time? WHO? And then again just before you leave work?

    I used to sit next to a girl who talked on the phone for 20 minutes or more daily (sometimes more than once!) to her husband. When I complained, I was told her daughter was sick so she needed to be able to talk with him. Well - I know for a fact her daughter wasn't terminally ill or anything like that. Plus, they didn't spend the majority of that time actually talking about her daughter.

  6. I've just done a post on texting. Would love you to pop over and give your opinion as a professional texter! *Tales from the Tower*

    As a matter of interest has the Ned been calling?!

    Rapunzel x

  7. Oh I've never been a phone call sort of person. I've got much better with it because of work (pre-work I used to literally dread picking up the bloody thing) but I'm still terrible with optional stuff like takeaways. If there's anyone else in the house then I bribe them into doing it for me.

  8. I'm the same about calling people. I have to psyche myself up to make the call, and then if someone other than the person I want to talk to answers, I always end up feeling like I should apologise to them for being rude. It's not that I dislike them and don't want to talk to them, just that I only prepare myself for the target conversation...

  9. me too :P
    I'm super girly... but I HATE conversations on the phone. The only person I'm able to have long phone conversations with is my boyfriend. ahhh.

  10. Prefer texting to phonecalls as well, although obviously you can't always get the right 'tone' in a text message.

    And also, drunk texts - usually you have the messages still in your phone's inbox and sent items folder (unless Drunk You deletes them). Drunk phonecalls? You have NO idea and no record of what was said.


  11. In middle school, talking on the phone for hours was easy. After texting was introduced to me, not so much. But the entire time, no matter what, my friend Amber avoided talking on the phone. She said she just didn't like it. She'd rather speak in person. You're not alone!

  12. In blogworld, where we write our feelings rather than pick up a phone to tell someone, you would probably be considered more weird if the opposite were true...

    I bet that most of the people who read this think the same way. Or at least those who feel strongly enough to comment ;)

  13. I do love talking on the phone- at least over texting, and when I decide to call someone rather than them calling me.
    But yes, talking in person is the best way to do things.

  14. I hated the phone so much I used to not be able to order pizza. Of course I conquered the fear and they developed online ordering. I suppose it was for the best.

  15. I'm more of a phone person because I can never tell the tone of the texts. I like that video lots!

    Melanie's Randomness


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