Sunday, 23 January 2011


I don't go to a lot of gigs or concerts. My first was age 23, Linkin Park. Loved it. Been to a few since but I wouldn't call myself any sort of expert on the subject.

But I tell you what DOES infuriate me??? The PRICES of these gigs.

Now tonight I was randomly trawling around the internet to see if there were any upcoming gigs this year that I wanted to see. I found a couple. Eliza Dolittle, at the O2 ABC for £12.50. Mike Posner, at the same venue, for a mere £10. Cee-Lo (The Alleged Ladykiller - ha!) Green for £17.50. All fairly reasonable prices, for a fairly intimate gig in a relatively small venue.

Then I decided to pop over to the S.E.C.C. website.

Big mistake.

My first moment of outrage was when I realised Usher was playing this month and it was sold out. Oh well. Then I saw that Ne-Yo was playing next month. And there were still tickets available.

It was 36 pounds ... FOR STANDING TICKETS.

Fuck. That. Shit.

But then when I saw Kylie was playing, it got worse. Man, I WANTED to see her live. I knew she'd be more expensive than Ne-Yo. I mean, HELL, she's been my heroine since I was about 9 years old, ffs. I figured 50 quid maybe??? Tickets were 65 and 85. Pounds, Sterling.

Heck. No.

I like concerts, I like that feeling of thinking "oh my god, Justin Timberlake is in the same room as me right now" (that's how I felt when I saw Justin in 2007 in the SECC). But when it comes down to it . . . I can buy probably the entire back catalogue of their albums for what it costs me to go and see them live. And probably have some spare change left over to, I dunno . . . THROW at them when I track them down in the street and throw stuff at them for making me pay so much to even CONSIDER seeing them live???? (Not that I would really do that, I should stress.)

But I'm not going to pay all that money to have someone constantly dancing in my way in front of me so I can't actually see the artist on stage, to have random people next to me singing the songs in my ear so that I can't hear the person I'm paying a fortune for, and to just end up feeling all angry and rage-y and totally therefore being distracted from why I'm actually there!

I don't know who sets the prices of gigs, but it seems to me that when a venue like the S.E.C.C. must hold thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people, is charging 65 pounds plus per gig, when there are people out there who barely EARN that per week, it's a bit ridiculous. Especially when you can get their album on for a fiver or thereabouts.

What do you think about the price of gigs? Are they really worth it?


  1. Absolutely it's insane. I can't believe it. I know my sis wanted to go to see Tom Waits last year and it was something like a hundred pounds a ticket. So she didn't. I think it's crazy to expect people to pay that. Think how much they make from that if the place is full? Plus you always have stupid booking fees on top. If people stopped paying it they'd have to charge less. I think paying forty pounds top should be enough. I wouldn't pay over fifty bucks to see ANYONE. :)

  2. I know what you mean. I also feel sorry for parents when there are no cheaper tickets for kids for things like Dancing on Ice. It's over £40 a ticket!

    My first concert was when I was 11 at the Edinburgh Playhouse to see Five Star! (Remember them?!) Me and my friend were allowed to go alone and were just picked up after. I can bet it was more cause my parents thought we'd be safe rather than cause they couldn't afford to come with us!!

    Rapunzel x
    *Tales from the Tower*

  3. No this totally drives me mental too. I started going to gigs when I was at uni and I'd see people in the Academy for about £10-15. Since then it just seems to have got more insane. I have incredibly begrudgingly paid for Take That tickets which are £60 when you include the booking fee (and don't get me started on those!) which is absolutely ridiculous and makes me hate them a little because the tickets for The Circus tour were £40. I don't know how they can do it.

  4. great post!! I do think that ticket prices are very expensive. saying that, I've only ever been to two gigs: razorlight in exeter (even though that was in an old aircraft hanger it still cost £40 to get in) and t4 on the beach 3 years ago (that was £35, which isn't too bad but you were standing all day...!) x

  5. I went to see Kylie about 5 years ago, and while it was a fantastic gig, I discovered that 9 year olds are taller than adults at Kylie gigs - they all end up standing on the seats to see, so even if I was 6 foot I'd still be blocked. I was raging. Tickets were a bit more reasonable though - £45 (+ booking fee + credit card fee + postage etc... probably more like £60 after all that!)

  6. I've never really considered the prices of tickets to be unreasonable. Yes, most of the time they're out of my price range (but that's more because I have a slight problem with shopping. A.k.a I do too much of it.

    The way I see it, if I really want to go and see someone perform, I'd find that money from somewhere. I'll easy spend £60 on a regular night out, so why not spend that money on an experience? Or I can cut down that daily chocolate bar for a while.

    However I would NOT pay that money for a concert just for a concert's sake.

    I used to LOVE working in clubs because we'd get people to perform and I got to see them. For Free!

  7. I've seen Linkin Park twice.

    I love going to concerts, too, but I hate how expensive some tickets are. I also hate it when a band I really want to see plays during the week. I can't go to a concert an hour or two away on a Tuesday night and still be functional at work the next day.

  8. I don't know the exchange rate for pounds to dollars and I'm too lazy to look it up.

    Most shows anymore where I live are spendy unless you go see them at a club and even then, you could be shelling out big bucks.

    I've seen tickets here cost $80 or more FOR ONE TWO HOUR SHOW! That's just a little too much for me to justify spending. Plus, once you get there, you'll want to buy overpriced drinks and even more overpriced merchandise. Who can afford that?

    I know people who go to concerts all the time and sometimes will even travel to other states for them. I don't know how they manage it.

  9. Concerts are way too expensive these days. I sometimes think that artists just set these arbitrary but incredibly high ticket prices just to see if they can actually get people to pay that much. And of course they can. My mom is really into Lenny Kravitz and wanted to see him in concert for her birthday, which is next month. But he's touring with U2 so the tickets cost like 50 million billion dollars--and those are for seats way up in the balcony with an obstructed view.

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  11. It's terrible! I was desperate to see Lady Gaga when she came to Cardiff but tickets were about £80...for seats at the back. As much as I love Gaga, no way in hell was I going to pay that much for just ONE ticket.


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