Friday, 7 January 2011


So apparently I kissed someone last night.

I don't remember him. I don't remember how it happened. And also, I have a missed call from a number I don't recognise - at 3.30 AM!!! Could I really have been drunk enough to give this dude my number?

I am currently sitting, refreshing Facebook frantically in the hope that my friend will get back to me asap to tell me what actually happened. Because I am not really sure. I have a very vague blurry memory and that is it. My GOD, I was drunk last night.

To be honest, it's not really like me to go out and randomly snog someone on a night out. It's pretty out of character. I'm bad at being chatted up. I get all awkward and nervous. I mean, I only kissed two guys the whole of last year, despite being completely single for a good 11 months of the year.

(This is why I'm better at getting involved with guys I work with.)

I'm kind of rambling now, i know. I'm waiting for my friend to reply to me still and trying to fill the gap in my memory. I still don't remember.

Okay, so I just got this response from my friend:

He asked for your number and you told me to give him it but 1) he was a NED 2) he was 22 3) i think he had a girlfriend so i was giving him your number out my phone but i gave him it a digit short so he didnt call but he must have got the right one

I'm soooo ashamed! I snogged a ned! Eek! And why the FECK would I give him my number???

I suppose at least I've got a snog this year, and fairly early on!!!

So . . . has anyone else already done something stupid in 2011? Or am I on my own here???


  1. Personally I think that is very charitable of you, snogging a Ned. You've probably made his year. He's probably on Bebo at this very minute, wearing his Burberry gear, telling his mates in text speak all about you!

    Rapunzel x

  2. What's a Ned?

    I've done something stupid in 2011. I accidentally offended a friend about her child. Ugh.

  3. what's a NED? i haven't done anything yet but there are still 349 days left :)

  4. Yes. I can't even speak of it, too terrible to recall.

  5. Hmmmm.... what's a NED?
    I did something stupid on the same night of New Years. I gave my number to a barman, who now added me to facebook (cause I reminded him cute and masculin, you know, and we are supposed to meet next week for a drink)... and now I found out he's 4 years younger than me and looks even younger....
    How am I supposed to get out of that?

  6. Rapunzel's right - you'll get good Karma points for snogging that Ned! And it's really not that awful. You won't find it quite so mortifying in a few days :)

    (for those unfamiliar with the term:

    I'm just glad you were out having a good time - Puma P not even having to prowl to get her prey lol :P

    Anything dreadful, anything dreadful... not yet, but sort of looking forward to seriously misbehaving if I get half a chance... >:-) x

  7. I see I'm not alone in wondering what a ned is. And thanks to Mich, I now know!

  8. Sounds like an interesting experience. Personally, I have never snogged ANYONE on a night out or gotten chatted up, but that might be attributed to the fact that I don't go to bars and whatnot. At least youre friend was looking out for you. In the end, you'll be laughing about this, I think. :)


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