Monday, 10 January 2011

B.O.G.O.F. CAN BOG OFF . . .

I know bargains are meant to be a good thing, but sometimes they really REALLY annoy me.

Like the January sales, where you can't actually shop for a lovely full-priced outfit with relatively ease because there's a load of bargain basement shit (with people inexplicably fighting over it) clogging up the shop. I'm not saying you can't find the odd decent item in a sale in an actual real life (as opposed to internet) shop . . . but it isn't the easiest.

Then there's the Buy One Get One Free offers, that always pop up at the time when I'm in Waitrose, already heaving a heavy basket full of crap around and craving a six pack of Fanta Zero . . . only to discover that if I want to buy one, I'm going to have to take a second pack too. Now I LOVE Fanta Zero, 12 cans of it for the price of 6 is certainly a lovely offer... but they NEVER have that offer on when I have access to a friend with a car! Or just an extra person with me to help carry it! I'm a little tiny person, y'know! And I have bugger all upper body strength.

Then today I was in my "friendly" local shop (the one where the owners seem to think I'm an alcoholic and seem to hate me, despite the fact I spend half my wages buying wine out of their shop) and wanted a packet of that cheesy pasta stuff. Just the one. Because it's a craving I don't get that often. And I knew I was unlikely to even EAT it all. And in theory, I need to start trying to be healthy, and if I have more than one packet of it, then that's not going to happen. Anyhoo. At the counter, the woman pointed out to me it was two packets for a pound. "But I only want one packet, it's okay" I said. For one thing, I was too lazy to walk to the other side of the shop to pick up another packet. "But it's £1.39 for one packet!" she objected looking at me like I was crazy.

Seriously. Why would you charge more for ONE packet than two packets anyway??? Regardless. I didn't WANT a second packet. And to be honest, not only did I not WANT it, but it was the principle of the thing by that point. She finally grudgingly said she would give me the one packet for a pound. Wow. How big of her.

I know this makes me sound a bit dumb. Like, "why the fuck did you not just take both packets?? You could have given one away or something!!!"

I never at any point said I was not dumb sometimes, did I? But, as you all also know, I do get annoyed easily.

So the people in the shop now not only think I'm an alcoholic, they think I'm a stupid alcoholic. Oh well.

(Sidenote to the owners of my local shop: if any of you are reading . . . may I suggest "two bottles of wine for a pound"? I would DEFINITELY go for that...)


  1. Christ, if they had deals like that you'd come home from work each night to find me rolling around in the gutter singing Journey.

  2. LOL at the above comment :D

    Thanks for the sweet sweet words on my blog today! This made me laugh... and cry, because they only just got Fanta over here (!) and we're probably another decade away from Fanta Zero :(

  3. I definitely do not like the pressure to buy more, because of a bargain. Like you said, it's just the principle of it.

  4. that is a big FAIL. i hate being pressured to buy more, i usually won't be anything at all haha

  5. I am SO with you!! Every now and then when I'm on the road, I suck it up and get breakfast at McDonald's. And I don't want a combo. I just want a freaking sandwich. And sometimes I want a hash brown with my sandwich. And when they finally stop pressuring me to get the combo, they put two hash browns in my bag because they're the same price as one (as a permanent special, despite the fact that they offer just one on the menu, but won't actually give it to you.) It's crazy. Then I can't resist the second one, which I didn't even want, and my stomach hurts the rest of the day because of McDonald's all-consuming desire to make me fat. It's like Ronald hates me.

  6. I hate sales people sometimes. All you wanted was one. The absurdity of sales and their markdowns amazes me. Today I was in the store to buy coffee. I don't need 10 things for a 10 dollars. I only need 1 but it cost me like $2.35. Oui!


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