Sunday, 23 January 2011


I don't go to a lot of gigs or concerts. My first was age 23, Linkin Park. Loved it. Been to a few since but I wouldn't call myself any sort of expert on the subject.

But I tell you what DOES infuriate me??? The PRICES of these gigs.

Now tonight I was randomly trawling around the internet to see if there were any upcoming gigs this year that I wanted to see. I found a couple. Eliza Dolittle, at the O2 ABC for £12.50. Mike Posner, at the same venue, for a mere £10. Cee-Lo (The Alleged Ladykiller - ha!) Green for £17.50. All fairly reasonable prices, for a fairly intimate gig in a relatively small venue.

Then I decided to pop over to the S.E.C.C. website.

Big mistake.

My first moment of outrage was when I realised Usher was playing this month and it was sold out. Oh well. Then I saw that Ne-Yo was playing next month. And there were still tickets available.

It was 36 pounds ... FOR STANDING TICKETS.

Fuck. That. Shit.

But then when I saw Kylie was playing, it got worse. Man, I WANTED to see her live. I knew she'd be more expensive than Ne-Yo. I mean, HELL, she's been my heroine since I was about 9 years old, ffs. I figured 50 quid maybe??? Tickets were 65 and 85. Pounds, Sterling.

Heck. No.

I like concerts, I like that feeling of thinking "oh my god, Justin Timberlake is in the same room as me right now" (that's how I felt when I saw Justin in 2007 in the SECC). But when it comes down to it . . . I can buy probably the entire back catalogue of their albums for what it costs me to go and see them live. And probably have some spare change left over to, I dunno . . . THROW at them when I track them down in the street and throw stuff at them for making me pay so much to even CONSIDER seeing them live???? (Not that I would really do that, I should stress.)

But I'm not going to pay all that money to have someone constantly dancing in my way in front of me so I can't actually see the artist on stage, to have random people next to me singing the songs in my ear so that I can't hear the person I'm paying a fortune for, and to just end up feeling all angry and rage-y and totally therefore being distracted from why I'm actually there!

I don't know who sets the prices of gigs, but it seems to me that when a venue like the S.E.C.C. must hold thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people, is charging 65 pounds plus per gig, when there are people out there who barely EARN that per week, it's a bit ridiculous. Especially when you can get their album on for a fiver or thereabouts.

What do you think about the price of gigs? Are they really worth it?

Saturday, 22 January 2011

UM . . .

So I've just realised it has been over a week since I posted on here. Wow. This is fairly unprecedented. I mean, it's not like I've been on holiday or anything. But I feel like I haven't stopped all week. What do I need to catch you up on?

Well, there was the so-called civilised dinner party at my friend's house which descended into drunken dancing, getting to bed at 6 am (after my friend apparently had to take out my contact lenses for me, and put my pyjamas on for me - don't remember that myself), and then having to deal with a few hyperactive kids with a hangover a few hours later. Great night, but I felt so lousy the next day that I almost didn't drink that night. (Yes, I said "almost".)

There was tipsy dinner with my sister. There was tipsy dinner with one of my former flatmates where we finally got around to exchanging Christmas presents. I got her a bracelet and necklace from Accessorize. She got me a 3 litre box of pinot grigio blush. Oh yeah baby!!! (Speaking of presents, the one I ordered for Mich STILL hasn't turned up, six weeks later. Not happy.) There has been a few occasions of hanging out with a certain someone, which has been nice.

And today there was shopping (well, since it was a Saturday afternoon, there was me getting angry and wanting to kill people in my way, which pretty much IS my idea of Saturday afternoon shopping), dinner at ASK, and seeing Black Swan at the cinema. Have you seen it??? Man, was it intense. And Natalie Portman? Fecking incredible!

I will try to get back into the swing of all things t'interweb related over the next few days, but what have I missed during my accidental absence? What have you all been up to?

Oh, and in case you hadn't already guessed, I've already finished the box of wine...

Friday, 14 January 2011


While I am very much a girly-girl, I seem to be missing the gene that makes one want to chat on the phone for hours for no apparent reason.

As a teenager, when all my friends were gossiping on the phone to one another, I TRIED to do it too. I would have to almost force myself to actually do the phoning though. And then the conversation itself . . . I felt so AWKWARD. Why was I on the phone??? I could be reading a book. I was missing my favourite TV programme. And for what?? To have a conversation that would probably be re-hashed in person the following day (and for many days to come!) anyway??? Hmmmm.

I'm not the best at talking at the best of times. (My friends might disagree with that one.) But talking in person is FAR easier than talking on the phone. I'm guessing it's the lack of body language. The disembodied voice on the end of the phone. The fact that the other person could be pretty much doing ANYTHING while they are talking to you.

I'm a texter. The only thing that ever convinced me to get a mobile phone was text messaging. I'm great at that. I give good text. (I also give needy text and angry text, depending on the situation. And don't even get me STARTED on sexting. Seriously - just . . . don't!) If I want to phone someone, it's either because I'm seriously upset about something (for "something", read "a guy") and am crying too much to see the screen on my phone to text, or to say "where the fuck are you? We were meant to meet twenty minutes ago and YOU AREN'T HERE!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm not good at talking on the phone to ANYONE. It's not just friends. I don't like having to phone customer service departments. I order my pizza online, so as not to have to have any more contact with a human being than I have to. Every time my phone rings in work, I have to mentally psych myself up to pick it up.

I know, I know, I'm a weirdo.

I know I'm not the only one though. Other people I know have the same problem. That makes me feel slightly more normal. (Not that I necessarily want to BE normal...)

How about you? Are YOU a phone person? Or would you rather just pretend the phone isn't ringing until it stops?

Monday, 10 January 2011

B.O.G.O.F. CAN BOG OFF . . .

I know bargains are meant to be a good thing, but sometimes they really REALLY annoy me.

Like the January sales, where you can't actually shop for a lovely full-priced outfit with relatively ease because there's a load of bargain basement shit (with people inexplicably fighting over it) clogging up the shop. I'm not saying you can't find the odd decent item in a sale in an actual real life (as opposed to internet) shop . . . but it isn't the easiest.

Then there's the Buy One Get One Free offers, that always pop up at the time when I'm in Waitrose, already heaving a heavy basket full of crap around and craving a six pack of Fanta Zero . . . only to discover that if I want to buy one, I'm going to have to take a second pack too. Now I LOVE Fanta Zero, 12 cans of it for the price of 6 is certainly a lovely offer... but they NEVER have that offer on when I have access to a friend with a car! Or just an extra person with me to help carry it! I'm a little tiny person, y'know! And I have bugger all upper body strength.

Then today I was in my "friendly" local shop (the one where the owners seem to think I'm an alcoholic and seem to hate me, despite the fact I spend half my wages buying wine out of their shop) and wanted a packet of that cheesy pasta stuff. Just the one. Because it's a craving I don't get that often. And I knew I was unlikely to even EAT it all. And in theory, I need to start trying to be healthy, and if I have more than one packet of it, then that's not going to happen. Anyhoo. At the counter, the woman pointed out to me it was two packets for a pound. "But I only want one packet, it's okay" I said. For one thing, I was too lazy to walk to the other side of the shop to pick up another packet. "But it's £1.39 for one packet!" she objected looking at me like I was crazy.

Seriously. Why would you charge more for ONE packet than two packets anyway??? Regardless. I didn't WANT a second packet. And to be honest, not only did I not WANT it, but it was the principle of the thing by that point. She finally grudgingly said she would give me the one packet for a pound. Wow. How big of her.

I know this makes me sound a bit dumb. Like, "why the fuck did you not just take both packets?? You could have given one away or something!!!"

I never at any point said I was not dumb sometimes, did I? But, as you all also know, I do get annoyed easily.

So the people in the shop now not only think I'm an alcoholic, they think I'm a stupid alcoholic. Oh well.

(Sidenote to the owners of my local shop: if any of you are reading . . . may I suggest "two bottles of wine for a pound"? I would DEFINITELY go for that...)

Friday, 7 January 2011


So apparently I kissed someone last night.

I don't remember him. I don't remember how it happened. And also, I have a missed call from a number I don't recognise - at 3.30 AM!!! Could I really have been drunk enough to give this dude my number?

I am currently sitting, refreshing Facebook frantically in the hope that my friend will get back to me asap to tell me what actually happened. Because I am not really sure. I have a very vague blurry memory and that is it. My GOD, I was drunk last night.

To be honest, it's not really like me to go out and randomly snog someone on a night out. It's pretty out of character. I'm bad at being chatted up. I get all awkward and nervous. I mean, I only kissed two guys the whole of last year, despite being completely single for a good 11 months of the year.

(This is why I'm better at getting involved with guys I work with.)

I'm kind of rambling now, i know. I'm waiting for my friend to reply to me still and trying to fill the gap in my memory. I still don't remember.

Okay, so I just got this response from my friend:

He asked for your number and you told me to give him it but 1) he was a NED 2) he was 22 3) i think he had a girlfriend so i was giving him your number out my phone but i gave him it a digit short so he didnt call but he must have got the right one

I'm soooo ashamed! I snogged a ned! Eek! And why the FECK would I give him my number???

I suppose at least I've got a snog this year, and fairly early on!!!

So . . . has anyone else already done something stupid in 2011? Or am I on my own here???