Tuesday, 28 December 2010

SONGS OF 2010 . . .

So in true "end of the year" style, here are some of my favourite tunes of 2010...

What's your top song (or songs) of this year???


  1. - Couldn't play the first one in the USA. :(
    - Didn't know "Starry Eyed", but I really like it! The video was neat.
    - Third one also blocked in the USA. :(
    - I actually almost saw Eliza Doolittle perform this summer at the Carnaby Street Festival (I thought it was funny that she had the name from My Fair Lady), but I skipped it to go see a play called "The Real Thing"... which is where I met Phil. :) So I guess that one worked out for the best. That is a nice song, though.
    - I like the "She Said" video.
    - A guy I used to date was really into Linkin Park, so I know more of their earlier stuff than their new stuff. But man, that was intense.

  2. Hmm...right now I can only think of a party song, lol...Tik Tok!!!!

  3. A lot of content was blocked here in the states, but LOVED the Eliza Doolittle Vid. Thank You!

  4. Ooft honey I'm sorry - I can't stream any of these at home just now. After all my video streaming the past couple of weeks *ahem*, I got an alert from my ISP saying I've only got 20% of my monthly bandwidth left, after which I'll start getting charged per Kb or Mb or something... oops!

    I'll try to play and listen to them in work tomorrow (if we're not swamped and I'm wanting to run away) to get the full benefit :)

    Awesome question, though... top Song(s) of the Year... Just for you, honey, I think I'll make a dedicated blog post for it just now :D


  5. Hmm...this is tough, I like all those above, but if I had to choose just one other it'd be James Blake - Limit to Your Love!!

  6. I love love love "Promise This", but my fave track of 2010 is Marina & The Diamond's "Hollywood" :)

  7. YAY for English music!! :) I actually really liked Promises as well. And Ellie Goulding's whole album is fantastic - that song's great, but I love "Guns and Horses" and "The Writer" just as much :) My fav. song of the year was called "Young" by Dog Is Dead. I think you'd like it!


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