Monday, 20 December 2010

SICK . . .

I phoned in sick today.

I physically couldn't get out of bed - despite the fact I lay half awake all night. I weighed up whether or not I could function in work and decided it was unlikely. I also weighed up whether going out in minus temperatures would help me recover and decided that wasn't even a consideration. I remembered how I was violently sick last night with no warning, and didn't particularly want to puke in public if such an occurrence were to happen again.

So a day of hiding under the duvet and coughing was all I could think to do.

The thing is though . . . I HATE phoning in sick.

It makes me feel guilty. Partly because there is so much in work to be done at the moment (I felt especially guilty after I found out another of my team members is also off sick today). And partly because I guess that's the way I've been brought up. No one in my family is off sick if they have to be. I'm probably the worst for it out of us all, and this is only the second time I've been off sick in four years.

But the bit I hate the MOST is the actual act of "phoning in sick". Because however genuinely ill I am, I feel like the person I'm speaking to on the phone doesn't believe me. No matter who my boss is, I always feel like this. I find myself overexplaining things, I can't just say "Sorry, I won't be in today, I'm sick" . . . I have to try and give them all the details, which probably makes it sound more like a made-up story.

It sucks.

Does anyone else feel like that when they phone in sick? Or is it just me?


  1. This is the working mentality of today though. I don't know of anyone who feels comfortable with calling up to say they won't be coming to work because they are ill. We are all under so much pressure to go in regardless of how unwell we are.

    I blogged briefly about this today on overhearing a man on the bus this morning take a call from one of his employees, who was calling to say s/he was unwell and wouldn't be going to work. This boss was clearly only concerned with the person coming back to work as soon as and he put pressure on them to go to the doctor for an assessment and sick note. Employers shouldn't be allowed to do that sort of thing.

    I'm exactly the same as you mind, even when really ill, I've gone into the office before.

    Only to be told to go straight home in case I infect anyone else! Oh, the irony. If only I'd felt comfortable enough to just call in sick in the first place...

    You stay in bed and get better and don't think about going anywhere until you're well. Chicken soup anyone?

  2. My issue with calling in sick is a little different. Usually I only call in sick if I'm actually faking it, so of course I feel like they know! I don't get sick very often, so if I do, for some reason I'll tough it out, I guess hoping someone takes pity on me, notices and suggests I go home, then there's no question. Feel better lady!

  3. yup, i feel precisely the same way. i used to come into work sick and power through it unless i was deathly ill, but i let go of that mentality a while back. i'm provided sick time and i am entitled to use it. honestly, they are better off if i DO use it - if i come in to work, i am underproductive and probably infecting other employees, and they'll lose more total productivity than if i'd just stayed home for a day or two.

    but the guilt and nerves are there. don't give in though, and feel better!

  4. Ohhh yeah I feel guilty especially when its a Monday. But things do get done at my job, I hope! Feel better hun!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  5. I always feel guilty when I call in sick - luckily in my current job I can just text in sick!

    Hope you feel better soon. -x-

  6. That's what email is for :)

    And STAY HOME! I don't want your germs infecting me :p I got on the tube the other day and every single person around me was coughing and snifflng! Why were they even out of bed?!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  7. that is exactly what i feel like when i call in sick! and I NEVER call in sick!
    Last week was like the first time i ever have, and i genuinely was, but then my boss was pissed at me the next day because she saw me out and about that evening.

    what was i doing out that evening, you ask?

    i was at the pharmacy, getting a prescription.

    but apparently, that makes me seem dishonest, cause i should not have been out and about.

    even to go and get myself some antibiotics to start feeling better.

    so whatever.

    i just will start coming into the office sick.

  8. You are not alone. I always feel bad when I call in sick, but honestly, I find that I cannot win either way - my boss isn't thrilled when I call in sick but if I come to work sick everyone is angry with me for possibly 'infecting them'. So I try to rationalize it this way - it is better to stay home ONE day and get better, then to go into work when you are not well and get sicker and sicker and then miss a lot more than just one day. I do hope you feel better soon!

  9. I once called in sick at a job I had a really long time ago only to be told to come in anyways. I didn't but it made me feel like I have to overexplain now too whenever I call in.

    I try not to call in unless I really need to but I've worked with people who think nothing of calling in sick regularly. I wasn't raised like that.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  10. I feel exactly the same way! I phoned in sick on Tuesday and then went in Thursday even though I was still feeling shitty and ended up leaving at noon. At least they then knew I truly was ill...

  11. Yesss! I always feel incredibly guilty when I call in sick as if they think I'm faking it and I somehow need to prove it. That being said, that's what they're there for. feel better lovely and have a great Christmas. xo

  12. Listen, Miss P, I am keen on the Microfinance deal you offer hereabouts. [See enclosed ads.]

    Apart from that, it's such a sucky sitch that you're crook. :-(

    Get well soon, y'hear! (From the mildness of a Floridian winter.)

  13. I used to feel the same way, but years ago, I convinced myself otherwise. All I say is "I'm (adjective if required) sick today, and I won't be able to come to work."No explanation unless asked.

    Of course, there was the time that I got my boss on the phone, then, after a hello and a couple of sentences, I had to put the phone down and make a call to O'Roarke on the big white phone. I apologized, but he said, "PLEASE stay home!"

  14. Hate hate hate phoning in sick. I find that even though I really am sick, I can't help but put on the theatrical *cough*cough*I'm iiiilll....' voice. It's awful.

  15. Wow, I thought I was the only one!! I always feel so guilty and by the end of the phone call I end up feeling like I AM actually faking it!

    I'm kinda glad that my line manager is one of the directors, so he likes his lie-ins, and never answers when I phone his mobile. So I always end up emailing him. Which makes it SO much easier!


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