Saturday, 25 December 2010


Merry Christmas everyone!

Being ill over Christmas sucks. And I still am. I made it to my family's celebrations anyway and survived, although I coughed all over the place so I'm really hoping I haven't spread germs as well as Christmas cheer. We got the usual random selection of food for Christmas dinner - sausage rolls, home made steak pie, baked beans, potato croquettes, bits of beef, bits of ham, creamed mushrooms . . . Yeah, random right?

Anyhoo, I'm back at my flat now, coughing away some more, already dressed in my PJs despite the fact it's only 8.15pm. Yep, I AM a party animal. Don't worry, I'm not going to bed yet, gonna break open a bottle of sparkling rose I received as a present and browse the online sales. Rock AND roll.

Expect an upcoming post on some of the fab presents I've received. And probably one on the stupid stuff I end up buying in the online sales!

In the meantime, the only other thing I want for Christmas? Is for a certain person to take the ball I've nudged into his court on more than one occasion now and confirm whether or not I am going to get to hang out with him again over the festive period. Fingers crossed for me, eh?


  1. I hope you get weel soon - and manage to enjoy christmas! after all - its holidays!

  2. My fingers are crossed for you babe. Rock and roll.

  3. Fingers crossed!!!

    Get better soon and Happy Christmas!

  4. My fingers are crossed for you, good luck!

    Sorry you still don't feel well. I was sick on Christmas day once - good times.

    Glad to here though that you still managed to have a happy Christmas.


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