Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Okay, internet peoples, I need serious help.

My Christmas shopping is . . . not going well. In fact, it has stalled at pretty much the first hurdle. I've not bought much at all. My brain won't work this year. I usually have it done by now. Sometimes I even have it WRAPPED by now.


So I need ideas. For websites (preferably British ones, i've left it too late for anything further away than that.) For gifts for my girly friends. For dads and grandas. For mums. For male friends. Help help HELP!!!

Even just tell me what you have bought, or are planning to buy, your friends and BFFs. Maybe it will help give me inspiration!

Then all I need to work out is where I'm possibly going to get the MONEY TO PAY FOR IT ALL from . . .

MAN, Christmas is stressful!!!


  1. Only gift done thus far is a smart phone for L. Otherwise, nothing is finished yet - don't even have the tree up yet.

  2. Dad's getting a brick with his name on it on part of the Rangers stadium for his Crimbo. Joint present from my brother and I.

    Mum's getting a wee pendant from Glastonbury Abbey, which - if I remember right - is a Celtic design to represent harmony in one's life.

    My brother has been told that he's got £20 to spend on something for himself and that's us quits, or I can give him the difference (I bought myself a Harry Potter DVD boxset for £20 and that's his present from him to me).

    Yours - I've got yours... Ha!

    Oh fuck... I've not thought about anyone else. Money in a card, that'll bloody do.

    OR... I just found out that Ticketmaster do gift cards? Nifty! Money on a gift card to pay towards a gig of their choice! :)


  3. Sorry I am no help this year I have only 2 gifts to do since we decided to do a gift exchange in my family. So first a girt certificate for my uncle at a tool store and second foamy letters that stick to the bathtub for my godson.

  4. The only people I have to, thankfully, buy for are the nephew and niece (Disney DVDs - sorted!). Very glad I don't have to buy for more.

    Good luck with the present buying - I don't envy you one bit! xoxo

  5. I thought I was gonna have to shop at the $1 store for Christmas this year but a friend was sweet enough to buy me a gift card for a store and I spent all of it on gifts for my parents. They still didn't get much but at least I don't have to feel guilty on Christmas Day.

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  7. oooh!!

    urm, i've been getting loadsa 3 for 2s this year - morrisons, sainsbury's, boots, etc... they do good deals.
    in my family we have a £5 for aunts, cousins, etc - and they are usually toiletries, make-up, etc...
    and in my immediate family we have a draw and we have to spend £50 on one person. I got me mam, and I got her some perfume and a diary from paperchase.

    hope i helped (a bit!) x

  8. Name a star after them. it's cheap and awesome and lasts for Ever!

  9. I am planning an eco-friendly baby shower for my sister, and, trying so hard to think of different things to do. Anyway...... I came up with a wishing well where each guest will be asked to bring one organic jar of baby food, but I don't know how to present it in invitations or at the shower? I searched and searched the internet and could NOT find anything to help, hoping you ladies can!!!!!!

  10. I'm a big fan of Archipelago candles. The tobacco bergamont scent is my new favorite. (Sorry if I misspelled that.)


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