Sunday, 26 December 2010


Loadsa toiletries and make up. Just what I like. :)

Pretty necklaces, all for me.

Chocolate and vino!

Beautiful Swarovski pen courtesy of my lovely friend V - doesn't she have the best taste?

New slippers, a scarf, a toasted marshmallow scented candle (mmmm), and a cute leather wrist cuff.

What nice presents did you get?


  1. In addition to a very lovely necklace, I got cash! (and 90% of it is going towards my student loan repayment)... not glamorous, but definitely a big help in the financial department.


  2. You got some great presents! And those necklaces are so cute. I got cash for New York trip and loads of small gifts (and one hell of a lot of chocolate...)

  3. i got:
    cheryl cole & take that cd's
    a tartan dress
    boot slippers
    80s earrings
    lots of make-up; incl. a years supply of mascara!!
    iTunes voucher
    new purse
    & a cath kidston mug

    amongst other things.

    And yes, alcohol IS the perfect present, got lots of booze from my boss last week....!
    Hope u had a good day!

  4. Great pressies! Wanna trade? I got some good stuff too though.

  5. Good haul! All very 'you'! :D

    I think my flatmate must have gotten me the pink and black version of the wee slippers you have, they look very similar (and, naturally, as they're only up to a size 8 they're a bit snug on me lol).

    Harry Potter DVD boxset of the first 6 films (bought by me, but I told my brother they were from him and he was to buy himself something of equal value so we were even), Thorntons chocolates from one of my Uncles, a wee Sanctuary gift set from my parents (they wanted to make sure I had something to open on Xmas morning - bless!), and money from my parents as well. Which, given my HOURS of browsing on the Vanishing Tattoo website today, will likely be going towards my next tattoo.

    And you've still got to get your pressie off me, missy. Although after seeing the goodies you've got, I think it's going to be a bit of a damp squib now lol


  6. Lovely haul! My fav. present was probably the levitating TARDIS off Doctor Who from my hubby. Because I am a giant nerd, lol


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