Sunday, 28 November 2010


When it snows heavily in Central Scotland, as with all extreme weather conditions, we can't cope. It's infuriating.

It has been snowing on and off since Friday night, but between last night and this morning, there was a veritable blizzard. And, unfortunately, I was not at home, but at my friend V's in the East End. So I bundled myself up, arming myself with a borrowed hoodie under my three-quarter length sleeve mac (I know, I know, what the feck was I DOING without long sleevesies at the end of November???) and prepared to tunnel through the snow to the city centre.

I knew the way, so that wasn't an issue, and I was wearing fairly sensible footwear (by my standards) so that was fine too. The problem was that my route took me down Duke Street in Dennistoun, which was full of vicious little neds who had no problem with aiming snowballs at any human being passing by. At one point, I actually went down a side street and up another one to avoid a particularly vicious gang of youths armed with the foul snow stuff. Only to emerge a street later to find they'd moved further up the street and as I walked past I found myself their target. They were, thankfully, really bad aims, because the snowballs which flew by me were hitting the wall next to me with pretty strong force.

So as I approached another gang of youths hurtling snowballs indiscriminately, I decided to try and different tactic (possibly taking my life in my hands, but oh well). "Having fun, guys?" I asked them with a smile (trying to hide the fear.) There was a moment of silence and then one who looked about eight shouted "Aye! You want to join in?" "No,I just want to be inside!" I replied, relieved, and kept walking. It worked. None of them touched me, although a guy walking just ahead of me had a massive pile of snow just FLUNG OVER him as he walked past. Oh dear. See, sometimes it PAYS to be friendly to the neds. You just have to pick your moments.

So I eventually made it home in one piece, although thoroughly exhausted. Walking in snow is HARD. At least I can count that as my workout for the day!

As for the frozen white stuff . . . well, it better bugger off quick smart, because I've already had more than my fill of it . . .

Do you have snow right now? Do you like it?


  1. Yeah we have snow here in Canada, and it aint going away fro another 4-5 months...arrrrgh!

  2. we had to drive the m8 in it earlier, not pretty.

  3. I love snow!!

    Then I realise that despite not being able to work, the whole country (England - nowhere else - Scotland can cope!) just grinds to a halt.

    I hate snow.

  4. Yeah you guys must laugh at how badly we deal with the snow in England!

    Hull is indeed a veritable wonderland at the moment, it has to be bad if it's snowing in Hull because it hardly ever happens here because we're practically below sea level but we have a good few inches.

    Pipes were frozen all day so had to no water to make cups of tea to keep me warm which WAS NOT fun. And my friends set off from Harrogate (normally a couple of hours away) at 3.30pm and at this moment (about 10pm) still aren't home....not good!

    I DID like snow. Not so sure about it now.

  5. We've got gobs of snow! I wish it would melt already. We've been getting all kinds of weather advisories lately.

  6. Ha! damn kids, good to see you made it out alive. I'm trying to pretend the snow will never come.

  7. Yikes, we haven't had snow yet! I suppose I'm kinda looking forward to it. Except the driving. And the cold.

  8. I know how you feel with the snow! I love the snow n'all, and I even try to get to work in the damn stuff (even though where I work is in the middle of nowhere!) - there's a disaster story from the beginning of the year that I may tell you all on my blog (LOL).
    Fortunately, the snow hasn't reached my corner of the country yet (SE England) but we're due to get it tonight...
    argh, wish us luck! x

  9. We had a dusting here on Thursday morning... nothing big. I used to live up in Northern Michigan so I know all about snow. I hate it. Hate it with a burning passion.

    Luckily here in Indiana we usually only get like maybe 6"(15cm) at a time and then it'll usually melt away before the next snowstorm...

  10. Dangit, I want some snow :( But why would you be afraid of a bunch of 8 year olds? Very strange to me.

  11. I'm pretty much surrounded by snow... saturday it went up to 25cm, and given that its very hilly, I was slipping the whole time... not very nice.

    Snow is nice to watch when it falls while you are inside having a hot chocolate ;)

  12. We have had snow for a few weeks now. I love snow...for exactly 2 weeks around the holidays. Other than that it can go away!

  13. I haven't quite made up my mind yet about this snow business. Yes, t's cold and wet... And yes, it makes the roads quite slippery so people drive like grannies at 5mph, making my usual 45min trip to work take 2.5hrs...


    the pictures I've taken in the last few days are so beautiful


    I kind of like the feeling of cold, crisp air in my face, whilst knowing that soon enough I'll be all cuddled up in the corner of my sofa with a warm drink of sorts.


    There's the snow days. And the last week has been one big snow day for me! :) "working from home" has never sounded so good...

  14. I did, at first. Then the ice. Then the sliding across the road into a snow pile. Not so fun after that.


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