Tuesday, 30 November 2010


  • Tuesday night drinks . . . are the new Friday night drinks. In fact, any nights drinking is the new Friday night drinks. Even those still done on Friday. (Why, YES, I've been drinking...)

  • Buying the right present for someone is AWESOME. I met my friend tonight for her to buy me a belated birthday dinner, and had her present from HER Birthday waiting for her . . . her birthday was in August. It was a Whoopie Pie recipe book and baking tray. She opened it, said "Did you know I'm obsessed with these?" I didn't know. In fact, she had stumbled upon them last month in a random cafe. I bought her the gift two months before. Am I psychic??? (I generally like to think I'm good at present buying, but when you buy someone something they've been wanting without KNOWING they've wanted it . . . it is the ULTIMATE. Especially if you bought it for them before they even knew THEMSELVES!!!)
  • Haggis balls are awesome! (And no, that's NOT an euphemism, thank Christ!)
  • Offering someone the rest of your companion's drink as you leave the pub is . . . a little weird. Look, if you were my friend, I might have drank it, but you WERE just a random sitting at the next table . . . do you really think I trust you???
  • Joining my sore back and vying for possible medical attention are a sore neck (just at the front), sore legs (from walking in the snow), and a random sore arm that appeared yesterday just after lunch and seems to hurt every time I flex my thumb or forefinger (pulled muscle? nerve issue? Any ideas?) . Of course it probably didn't help that when I fell yesterday, I used that hand to try and break my fall. (Without much success admittedly). I'm not used to having multiple sore areas at once (that haven't been brought on by alcohol and/or a hangover, that is), it's very disconcerting.
  • Why were there guys on my subway train home singing very loudly about fisting a sheep??? Why did it really annoy me at first, then I just really wanted to laugh?
  • Who would WANT to fist a sheep???
  • And WHY???
  • Was it possibly football related?
  • Why won't the snow just GO AWAY????

Monday, 29 November 2010


My day was shitty. My pride is wounded slightly. My back is KILLING me.

Yes, the highlight to the shitty day (work generally sucked, and I think I've given up on Work Crush because it has been four months since the wedding now - albeit it took me over a month to realise I liked him - and I'm tired of the constant mixed signals. Oh, and there was still SNOW, in fact MORE SNOW than there was yesterday. Yippee. Not.) was me falling flat on my back on the way home from work.

It was a total comedy fall admittedly, like the slipping-on-a-banana idea where I seemed to fly ten feet or so into the air before landing. And I think the shock got to me first as, although (thankfully) there were not many people around, I started laughing loudly. The sort of thing one does when you're alone and do something embarrassing and have no one you know to laugh it off with. Or the sort of thing *I* do when I've done something stupid and want to point it out before anyone else does. Like the time I walked into a pole outside my work when I'd only just started working there a few days before. Or the time I accidentally threw out my security fob for the door in and out of my office and had to point it out to everyone before I started rummaging in the bin for it.

Yeah, you have to laugh or you'll cry, right? I laughed, even as the woman in front turned around to ask me if I was okay. Then I picked myself up off the ground, looked around to see how many witnesses there were (the woman who asked if I was okay. The man behind me yabbering away on his mobile phone. That was it. Result!) and started walking.

Two seconds later, I heard the unmistakeable sound (it HAD just happened to me after all) of someone falling behind me. In the exact same spot I had. Oh yes, it was the guy on his mobile. His phone still clutched to his ear as he yelled aloud Trigger Happy tv style "Yeah, yeah, I've just fallen over!"

I continued to giggle.

As I got closer to my house, the pain set in. I am lucky enough to have never experienced back pain before. This was agony. I went into the shop next to my flat, for once not caring if they thought I was an alkie as I bought some wine "for medicinal purposes". I told the guy behind the counter that I'd fallen over.

I then told one of my flatmates who I've barely spoken to and usually walk past and just say hi.

I then text half of my phone's address book to tell them.

Then I cried with the pain for about ten minutes, got in a hot bath, then lay on my bed with a hot water bottle under me and started drinking my medicine/alcohol.

Oh, and then I told all you guys.

What can I say? Misery and humiliation loves company.

You can't share my wine though...

Sunday, 28 November 2010


When it snows heavily in Central Scotland, as with all extreme weather conditions, we can't cope. It's infuriating.

It has been snowing on and off since Friday night, but between last night and this morning, there was a veritable blizzard. And, unfortunately, I was not at home, but at my friend V's in the East End. So I bundled myself up, arming myself with a borrowed hoodie under my three-quarter length sleeve mac (I know, I know, what the feck was I DOING without long sleevesies at the end of November???) and prepared to tunnel through the snow to the city centre.

I knew the way, so that wasn't an issue, and I was wearing fairly sensible footwear (by my standards) so that was fine too. The problem was that my route took me down Duke Street in Dennistoun, which was full of vicious little neds who had no problem with aiming snowballs at any human being passing by. At one point, I actually went down a side street and up another one to avoid a particularly vicious gang of youths armed with the foul snow stuff. Only to emerge a street later to find they'd moved further up the street and as I walked past I found myself their target. They were, thankfully, really bad aims, because the snowballs which flew by me were hitting the wall next to me with pretty strong force.

So as I approached another gang of youths hurtling snowballs indiscriminately, I decided to try and different tactic (possibly taking my life in my hands, but oh well). "Having fun, guys?" I asked them with a smile (trying to hide the fear.) There was a moment of silence and then one who looked about eight shouted "Aye! You want to join in?" "No,I just want to be inside!" I replied, relieved, and kept walking. It worked. None of them touched me, although a guy walking just ahead of me had a massive pile of snow just FLUNG OVER him as he walked past. Oh dear. See, sometimes it PAYS to be friendly to the neds. You just have to pick your moments.

So I eventually made it home in one piece, although thoroughly exhausted. Walking in snow is HARD. At least I can count that as my workout for the day!

As for the frozen white stuff . . . well, it better bugger off quick smart, because I've already had more than my fill of it . . .

Do you have snow right now? Do you like it?

Sunday, 21 November 2010


So I mentioned the other day that I was going through somewhat of a dry spell. Sexually, romantically, whatever you want to describe it as, I have not had much action.

I last had sex in August 2009. I could probably work out the exact date, as it would have been the last time I saw F in person. But that will just depress me, so I think I'll not be that specific.

But it's not just lack of sex. It's also been just over a year since my last date. (Swine Guy.)

It's been over 6 months since my last kiss. (Creepy guy in Zante, at the start of May.) Well, I THINK it was my last kiss, as I'm FAIRLY sure I would have remembered if Work Crush and I had kissed in the taxi after the wedding in July.

So the closest I've had to any action was Work Crush feeling my leg that night from the looks of it.

And even THAT was nearly four months ago!!!

I know this probably sounds pretty depressing to some folk. And it IS a little depressing to me too.

But, at the same time, I quite often go through phases like this. Before F came along last year, it had been over a year since my last . . . I'm trying to think of a polite way to put this other than "shag" and failing. So let's go with shag. And before my ex before F, there was also nearly a year gap. And then before the one BEFORE that, there was more than a year gap again.

And before that there was nothing. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 24, after all.

Maybe that's one of the reasons why I don't get too bothered about the whole thing. I've only had sex with four guys, and I've had long periods of being alone between each of them, and I spent 24 years without getting any, so perhaps I don't care that much about the long periods of time I go without any "action". I like it when I'm having it, don't get me wrong, but after a while I barely notice anymore.

I can't help but wonder when the next time will be though. And who it will be with.

I know who I want it to be with. But then that's another story, already told on more than one occasion. Sigh.

On an unrelated note, would anyone like to contribute to my Battery Fund? A girl can never have too many batteries, after all . . . ;)

Monday, 15 November 2010

PROJECT *ME* . . .

Since I have nothing better to do this week, I have decided to focus on ME and try and make a kick start on this Getting Fit, Losing Weight thing.

Obviously, this shall be an ongoing thing - a fitness regime, after all, is for life, not just for a week - but I want to just spend this week pampering myself and looking out for just me for a change. I mean, I'm a ridiculously selfish person anyway, don't get me wrong, but I feel like I've spent way too much of the past couple of months feeling a bit miserable and/or all over the place emotionally, so maybe I can try and just have some proper me-time and sort myself out once and for all. And laying off the drink for a few days surely can't hurt either.

So I've been exercising more and trying to limit myself calorie and carb-wise to some extent. I've been spending longer cleansing my skin (once or twice I've even managed to take my eye make-up off) and I've been trying to avoid the alcohol a bit. I actually spent Saturday completely sober, my first Sober Saturday in AGES!!!

Of course, then I ruined it by going to see Diana Vickers last night with my sister and brother-in-law, ended up going for dinner beforehand, then drinking rose wine, white wine, vodka and even a bit of cider over the course of the evening. Today in work . . . I wasn't exactly at my best.

Diana, I blame you . . .

Friday, 12 November 2010

TGIF . . .

You ever have one of those days where you know within approximately two minutes of getting out of bed that it is NOT going to be a good day?

That's where I'm at today. I have managed to over-sleep, I can hear the wind and rain tearing up the world outside, and I still have to pick a bloody outfit. Grrr.

I also have no plans for the weekend, save for the Diana Vickers gig at the ABC on Sunday night. Mind you, I'm not actually all that sure I have the energy to do anything really.

The only upside to it all is that at least it's Friday, and I should have got paid. I hope. Maybe I should check that before I count THAT as an advantage.

Also, perhaps I should actually get ready for work, instead of just having a rant on here about how I'm running late etc.


Any good plans for the weekend, folks? Have a good Friday!

Monday, 8 November 2010


You know when there's a song that you identify with totally and completely, that cuts right through to your core? That you feel you could have actually written?

This is a song I have identified with on many an occasion.

What about you? Is there a song that you feel could be about you???