Monday, 25 October 2010

"TYPES" . . .

It's weird because I can meet a guy and say definitively "he's not my type" . . . when, in reality, I apparently don't HAVE a type.

I mean,I DO have a type, "in theory". The cliched "tall, dark and handsome" type, for example. That's always the one I like in books, or films. Obviously, you have the ones who don't fit into some of those categories. Like Brad Pitt - well, before he hooked up with Fangelina and became, weirdly, a bit ugly. He's tall, FAIR, and - usually - handsome. So he ticks some of the boxes, but not all.

In theory there is a type. In practice, it has never quite worked out that way.

But, no, none of the guys I have liked, or none of my exes, could be pigeon-holed into the same type. There's been tall and short (at barely five foot three myself, height isn't too much of a consideration in another half), fair and dark, blue-eyed and brown eyed . . . there's a fairly large spectrum. Well, not LARGE. I've not been around THAT much. Y'know . . . :)

My "type" adjusts depending on the guy I like at the time. So at the moment my type is this:

  • good arms (not necessarily overly muscled, but "manly")
  • sparkly eyes (I can't really describe this, I know what I mean though)
  • boyish/puppy-dog like enthusiasm and/or slight hyperactivity at times
  • a bit mysterious

And, yup, he ticks all the boxes. Grrr.


Do you have a specific type? Or does it just depend on the person you are interested in? SHARE!!!


  1. lol - it sounds like our types are pretty similar and that you might like my boyfriend :P

    i'm wishing you luck with the whole situation!

  2. i dont really have a type either, but i sorta know it when i see it, if that makes any sense

  3. I like pricks, apparently.

    More often than not a musician (I sat down and worked it out once. As far as I know, nearly all of the people I've slept with have played a musical instrument. I've had sex with the equivalent of 2 or maybe 3 bands. No frontmen, though. They're arrogant wanks).

    Apologies... I know it's too early for TMI Thursday, but remember our conversation about me lacking in shame? Which was roughly a few hours before trying to swap our numbers for cheese and chillies at the takeaway? lol :D

  4. My type depends completely on who I'm interested in at the moment you ask. One time developed the biggest crush on a guy of whom I'd said two weeks earlier "How could you have gone out with him for two years?! He looks AWFUL!"
    That'll teach me...

  5. It all depends on the person! I don't have a specific type looks-wise (although I do have a thing for long-haired guys but it wouldn't affect whether or not I date someone!). I do like geeky men though. That's what does it for me :) Right now I have a geeky guy who's also tall, dark and handsome so that's a bonus!

  6. I don't have a "type" either. There are qualities I like and things I don't. Recently I met a guy who was perfect, really perfect - owned his own business, loved pets, nice nice nice, could play the guitar brilliantly - but when it came down to it, zero chemistry. Bummer. And that's what it's all about for me, he can be the right 'type' but if there isn't any chemistry...

    Found your blog via Twitter, couldn't resist checking out someone else who was recently 30 and permanently single! :) What a sad state it is, but it's so nice to have company!!

  7. I've only ever been out with one blond person which is kind of weird I guess. I didn't think I wasn't attracted to them, but thinking about it, I guess I'm discriminating!

    And also a lot of my boyfriends have had pretty large noses - which I've never noticed until people have pointed them out to me. Odd.

  8. Sometimes it's better not to have a type at all. That way you get the pick of all the nice men!

    Good luck :)

  9. I'm probably the most pickiest chick you'll ever meet when it comes to men.

    They have to:-
    *be from Scotland (failing that, Newcastle)
    *have brown hair/brown eyes/celtic skin
    *be aged 35 to 44 years old
    *not skinny - but does try to keep fit
    *support *cough* hibs *cough*.
    *GSOH, can initiate conversation
    *has good hands (not too fussed on the nails, though! ;))

    and, urm, that's why i'm still single. blah.

  10. If someone would ask me this question I would have list to answer: Tall, Shaved head, nice hands, tattoos, ect...
    But the past few guys had most of theses and I am still an unhappy single gal.
    So my type would now have to be: that make me laugh, that talks, that is responsible and has a bit of romance.

  11. I don't know if I have a specific type... there are certain qualities I go for, but physically all my boyfriends have been a little atypical lol. I usually find I fall way more for personality than looks anyway :)

  12. Well Paula, they do have to be BREATHING. Other than that, bring it on.

    Maybe... :)

  13. Nope no type really...I find women of all shapes and sizes interesting and attractive. I think the most important thing to me is they have to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation. I don't care how hot of a female you are if all that comes from your mouth is total drivel it is such a turn off. I am sure it is the same with most women and guys.

  14. First, thank you for your sweet wishes for Becky. Sadly, she is now intermittently losing power so I'm pretty sure it's downhill from here. Luckily, I am not above upgrading to a thinner, shinier version of her. It's a good thing I'm not a man in mid-life crisis or Isaac would have to seriously be worried about that little patch of hair that is thinning on top of his head.

    Next, to answer your question, my type is dark and handsome all the way. But it's never been tall and that was almost a deal breaker when I met Isaac. I dated someone tall in college and it always hurt my neck to kiss him for long. Luckily, I overcame my prejudices. And now it works out because I can't see the thinning patch I mentioned above.

  15. OP: well i am 'exactly' the type you want but you aren't my type! :-P

  16. Haha --- I love this post for so many reasons. But mostly because you ended it with "Grrr" -- that made me laugh a little!! I definitely have a type, but didn't realize it until recently. EVERY guy that I've had a serious relationship with has been about the same height (about 5'11), same build (broad, well defined shoulders, chest and arms, narrow waist)brown hair (even cut in the same fashion) and brown eyes. They even have similar personalities and backgrounds. A little scary, now that I think about it. Hmm...

  17. Ah I know what you mean. I have liked the geeky, to muscular to raver to ginger :-/ I think I need help ;-) xxx

  18. I don't think I have a specific type, but looking back all my exes have been pretty toned/muscley - I like a man with a nice chest and abs. Also, weirdly, most of them have quite young faces which I didn't notice until someone pointed it out to me. My housemate last year insisted that I go for men with big necks, I'm not so sure about that one, but maybe? And nice, strong arms, I love nice, strong arms! Another one of my friends who knows me very well said that I tend to go for guys who I think are really nice guys but then they turn out to not be all that nice and have some underlying bad boy thing going on (not necessarily in a good way).

    I tend to use the phrase 'he's not my type' but I don't actually mean 'he's not my type', what I mean is 'I don't find him remotely attractive but I feel mean saying that'.

    I am also single and no idea what my 'type' is. I feel I need to work on this! Haha!



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