Thursday, 14 October 2010


Choosing an appropriate card for someone can be a minefield at times. As can buying presents.

Luckily, I'm not a person who is hard to buy things for. At least I don't THINK I am. And many people have confirmed this for me.

However, I think my teammates outdid themselves. When I returned to work a week after my birthday, it was to find a present of . . . FOUR BOTTLES OF ROSE WINE!!!

Can you imagine my joy/fear-that-the-rest-of-my-department-were-going-to-think-I-was-an-alcoholic?

(The latter not helped by the fact that they had apparently left the bottles sitting on my desk on one of the days I was on holiday.)

And, although the card they gave me probably completely reinforced this image-of-me-as-a-wino, could there really have been a card that was MORE made for me than this one????

No, not at all. Right???


  1. Haha! Great card for you!
    Am liking your workmates :-D

  2. ha thats hilarious, happy birthday by the way!

  3. Your co-workers ROCK! Four bottles of vino?! I'm so jealous! Love the card too :)

  4. Happy Birthday :)That is such a cute card! Who makes it? I have a friend it would be perfect for!

  5. Sounds like they know you well!

    Hope your birthday was fabulous

  6. My Christmas and Birthday present every year from my bro in law is a bottle of Morgans Spiced Rum. My colleagues give me bottles of wine for presents and at my last job if I didnt go in with a hangover on a Saturday or Sunday (or monday probably) morning then they were concerned there was something wrong with me! I like to think of myself as a socialite and actually like people buying me booze as it saves me having to spend my hard earned cash on it! Love your blog by the way! x

  7. That is so cute. And sorta perfect for you.

  8. Hahaha one of your Google ads is for Dominos Pizza.

    Sorry, I found that hilarious and accurate. :) x

  9. Sounds like a perfect gift!! My best girlfriends all gave me huge bottle of champagne and wine for my 30th birthday.....which was great....since I was 18 weeks pregnant! They just knew I would want them for later. (And, boy did I!)

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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