Saturday, 30 October 2010


Here's the thing - if you tell me a secret that you don't want anyone else to know, you can trust me with it. I won't go around telling people. I'm not that kind of person.

I know quite a lot of people's secrets and they stay inside me. Even the secrets of people I am no longer friends with, weirdly enough.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be enough space in there to contain all those secrets. Something has got to give. In my case, this means I don't really have secrets of my own. I will willingly share my life, my past, my experiences with just about anyone who asks (and some people who don't.) With or without alcohol in me. It's verbal vomit . . . all over the place.

It's unfortunate that a few of the relationships I've had have been ones that were meant to be secret. Because I was no good at that. The sneaking around is fun at first, but ultimately I'm quite an honest person . . . so I would have to start to share eventually. It would start off with my uber-best friends . . . and then start to spiral out of control a little.

Or the fact that of late, this crush of mine has become not quite so secret as I tend to get drunk and blab about it. It's went from two colleagues knowing about it, to about five or six. Maybe the next person I blab about it to will be HIM. Eek.

I don't see myself as a particularly secretive person. Although an ex of mine once said he felt like he had learned more about me from stuff he'd read written by me on a website than he had learned from me directly. Which I found a bit amusing. If you want to know stuff about me, all you have to do is ask. Or read my blog, I suppose. . .

Anyway the point is that your secrets are safe with me. My OWN, on the other hand, are not.

Are you good at keeping secrets?

Thursday, 28 October 2010


  • London. Mid-December. Three days. Will be there for work but free at night. If you may be in the vicinity in that vague space of time, holler.

  • If you like someone and want to email them, but can't think of anything to say, what do you say?????

  • As I have just posted on my facebook, tonight I am having a cheese and wine night. I am the only guest, and the cheese in question is a cheese string and the wine is cava. Are you jealous yet of my uber glam parties for one?
  • I have nothing else to say. That rings true of pretty much EVERYTHING in my life right now...

Monday, 25 October 2010

"TYPES" . . .

It's weird because I can meet a guy and say definitively "he's not my type" . . . when, in reality, I apparently don't HAVE a type.

I mean,I DO have a type, "in theory". The cliched "tall, dark and handsome" type, for example. That's always the one I like in books, or films. Obviously, you have the ones who don't fit into some of those categories. Like Brad Pitt - well, before he hooked up with Fangelina and became, weirdly, a bit ugly. He's tall, FAIR, and - usually - handsome. So he ticks some of the boxes, but not all.

In theory there is a type. In practice, it has never quite worked out that way.

But, no, none of the guys I have liked, or none of my exes, could be pigeon-holed into the same type. There's been tall and short (at barely five foot three myself, height isn't too much of a consideration in another half), fair and dark, blue-eyed and brown eyed . . . there's a fairly large spectrum. Well, not LARGE. I've not been around THAT much. Y'know . . . :)

My "type" adjusts depending on the guy I like at the time. So at the moment my type is this:

  • good arms (not necessarily overly muscled, but "manly")
  • sparkly eyes (I can't really describe this, I know what I mean though)
  • boyish/puppy-dog like enthusiasm and/or slight hyperactivity at times
  • a bit mysterious

And, yup, he ticks all the boxes. Grrr.


Do you have a specific type? Or does it just depend on the person you are interested in? SHARE!!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Okay, okay, so I know it's nearly Thursday actually (at least where I am anyway!). But I've had a fairly shitty week so far what with a rather stressful but boring week in work and the whole mixed signals situation. And I feel pretty shitty in general. So I feel like I need to do "Cheer Me Up Tuesday", like, right now.

And, hey, it's my blog so it's my rules. If I want to do CMU Tuesday on a Wednesday night, then I can, 'kay???

So here goes - my new favourite past-time is to scroll through Youtube for the "unlikely things to hear" section of the TV show Mock The Week. I love it. :)

Ahhhhh . . . I feel a bit better already. :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010


So over the past couple of weeks, I've taken to walking to work in my ballet pumps as usual, then swapping them in the loos for high heels before I enter the office.

It wasn't really a conscious thing as such - a couple of days before I went on holiday it was pissing with rain and I thought my feet would get wet if I wore my ballet pumps, so I put on my UGGs. Then I figured since I was going to have to change shoes anyway once I got there (UGGs not exactly workwear appropriate in my eyes, after all) I may as well wear heels. So I did. And I felt very tall and like a grown up, and my legs were looking, in my opinion, FUCKING FANTASTIC, so I've kept it up since.

On Friday I was dressing down though. I had on black tights with hearts on them, a denim skirt and a basic top, so figured I could just keep my ballet pumps on for a change.

On Friday afternoon, one of my colleagues said to me "the guys out there were talking about you earlier" -
meaning the group of guys who work directly in view of the door into the office. "They were saying they like that you've started wearing high heels."

I hadn't even realised anyone had noticed. "Why were they talking about it?" I said. To me, it seems a bit of a weird conversation for guys to be having.

"They said they liked that they make you look taller." He replied, looking a bit vague.

"Oh right." I still found this weird. "Well, I'm not wearing heels today. So why did this come up in conversation?"

"They were saying they PREFERRED it when you wore heels."

"Right, so they were saying that I look crap when I don't wear heels then?" Typical female logic, right?

I think by this point my colleague realised it would probably be safer to just shut up and probably wished he hadn't said anything.

But I suppose, if nothing else, it proves that it's NOT just me who thinks my legs look fucking fantastic in high heels . . .

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Choosing an appropriate card for someone can be a minefield at times. As can buying presents.

Luckily, I'm not a person who is hard to buy things for. At least I don't THINK I am. And many people have confirmed this for me.

However, I think my teammates outdid themselves. When I returned to work a week after my birthday, it was to find a present of . . . FOUR BOTTLES OF ROSE WINE!!!

Can you imagine my joy/fear-that-the-rest-of-my-department-were-going-to-think-I-was-an-alcoholic?

(The latter not helped by the fact that they had apparently left the bottles sitting on my desk on one of the days I was on holiday.)

And, although the card they gave me probably completely reinforced this image-of-me-as-a-wino, could there really have been a card that was MORE made for me than this one????

No, not at all. Right???

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Thought I would share some pictures from my holiday to the Costa del Sol in Spain last week. So here goes . . .

The view from our balcony.

Me posing on an inexplicably misty beach . . .

The hotel swimming pool. I was too lazy to get off my sun lounger and INTO it though...

Posing on the Balcon

A church. My mum is in this picture too. She was trying to find out the mass times.

On the balcony with my wine.

A random street

Drinking cava on my birthday in Paradise Bar

Pretty beach

Me on the road to Maro

A random shrine in the middle of nowhere....

Outside the Nerja caves

A pretty hotel in Maro

A scary drop. I did NOT like walking over this bridge. And I had to do it TWICE...

Apparently this is a river. It's kinda small.

I liked the clouds.

Me on the street on our last night.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


***I went out for lunch today. And ended up spending 130 pounds. Oopsy. Okay, part of the money went towards a 30th birthday present for one of my friends, AND the aforementioned lunch. Feeling a bit guilty, but at least it was birthday money and money I didn't spend while I was on holiday. And I got a couple of nice outfits and some cute pyjamas, so I guess I should just enjoy my purchases.

***I'm STILL wondering how the idiot on our coach transfer to Malaga airport yesterday managed to leave his suitcase in the hotel . . . AND NOT EVEN NOTICE!!! Freaking weirdo.

***Despite eating and drinking waaayyy too much in Spain (half board so ridiculous amounts at the buffet morning and evening, too much bread and pate and/or cheese eaten on the balcony at lunch, waaaayyy too much Sangria and cava - the only thing I did right was avoid full fat fizzy drink, which is usually my downfall on holiday), I only put on 0.8 of a pound in weight. I'm pretty relieved about that. The diet will begin once again on Monday. And this time, I mean business...

***I'm pleasantly surprised at the weather here. I was expecting Glasgow to turn wintery while I was in Spain. But the past two days I still haven't been wearing a jacket, and I'm STILL too warm. Weird... Oh well, I'm sure autumn will hit properly any day now. Boo.

***I'm annoyed at the X Factor and the way it assumes I have no life and will devote both Saturday AND Sunday nights to it. Particularly annoying when tonight's show lasted nearly three hours. Um - excuse me X Factor . . . when do you expect me to actually, I dunno, LEAVE THE HOUSE???

***I'm back at work on Monday for the first time in over a week. And there's only two reasons I'm not completely dreading it. One is because if I have new clothes to wear, I don't mind work as much. And as for the other reason . . . well, I don't think I need to elaborate on that one.

***Oh and I only have one half day left of annual leave to take before Christmas. This is going to be a long couple of months. Argh!!!

***Considering I had nothing to say, this has turned into a longer post than anticipated. Off to drink more sparkling rose wine now. Ciao!

Any nice plans this weekend?

Friday, 8 October 2010


Example 1

The Scene: I'm sitting in Malaga airport swapping my Euros with my mum for British currency (she goes abroad more often than I do and it saves me going to a travel agent to get them changed back).

My mum: "Now, I really hope you aren't going to go out and spend this on five new dresses."
Me: "Of course not."
Slight pause . . .
Me: "Just maybe . . . THREE dresses?"

Example 2

The Scene: I have a bottle of fizzy rose we bought in Nerja last night in my suitcase (it cost something like 1 euro 50 cents) and at duty free in the airport I've bought a bottle of cava, which is clinking alarmingly alongside the raspberry Absolut I've purchased as we head for the baggage reclaim at Glasgow.

My mum: "Now, I really hope you're not planning on drinking both of those bottles of wine once you get home today."
Me: "Um . . ."

Nah. I couldn't really deny that thought was going through my mind at all, could I???

(Yes, I'm back, baby!!! Expect one or two more holiday related posts in the next few days. In the meantime, I guess I should go check out what I've missed via my google reader. Eek...)