Thursday, 30 September 2010


The flight is at 6am. I'm being picked up at 3.15am. I've not finished packing.

I'm drinking cava though and trying to get my fecking laptop to work for half an hour so I can download some new music onto my Walkman. And waiting for the fake tan I've put on my legs to dry - my legs rarely tan anyway and I don't wanna be walking around Nerja in short skirts with completely white legs.

I just need to get all the stress of actual travelling out of the way (I'm not even INCLUDING the flight - the worst part - in this stress. That's a whole OTHER level of stress, haha.) and then I can put my Sun, Sea and Sangria plan into motion.

I'm hoping to have a week of complete relaxation with my mum and also to get the Best Tan Ever.

Ah, the elusive suntan. Sigh.

I do tan, don't get me wrong. But blessed with naturally rosy freckly skin, I don't tan a nice brown golden colour. My skin subscribes to a pinky-reddy-brown colour. Which is better than nothing for definite but still . . . Maybe this year will be my year.

I wonder if Work Crush will miss me . . .

Anyway, I guess I'll see you all in a week. Although I might try and let you know I get there in one piece, if my phone is up to it. I'll almost certainly still be on twitter anyway.

Have a good week, peeps!!!


  1. Have a fabulous holiday and happy birthday for the 4th! :) -x-

  2. Have a great trip and take lots of pictures.

  3. Ooh! Have fun in Spain! I am mad jealous about your travels!

  4. Have an amazing time! I hear Spain is beautiful :) Enjoy and be safe!

  5. have a great trip, i'm beyond jealous!

  6. Enjoy and wishing you lots of great blog posts in the making while in Spain :)

  7. Where in Spain are you going? I just got back from Spain, I was on my honeymoon... hence me not knowing if you did blog it. Not quite caught up yet.


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