Tuesday, 28 September 2010


So in three days time I shall be in the town of Nerja in Southern Spain, hopefully sunning myself on the beach. (The weather forecast is currently looking pretty good.)


It's a double-edged sword though as getting as much of my body tanned as possible requires a bikini . . . or, I suppose to be totally nude . . . and I am not really feeling quite ready for that right now.

The plan had been to use the holiday as motivation to lose weight. And, don't get me wrong, that (combined with a pact I made with a few other bloggers that would cost us money pounds if we didn't lose WEIGHT pounds) has certainly motivated me more than I have in years to try and lose weight. I have lost nearly seven pounds in the past few months due to a lot more exercise and cutting down on the vino and pizza a tad. And I am DEFINITELY more toned.

And I am lighter than I was when I was in Zante earlier on in the year. Technically I should feel more confident in a bikini.

I guess I'm just disappointed really. Because I had high hopes that I would be back to my formerly slim self before I went away. And while I can definitely see a difference, I just expected more.

I know I'm not overweight (although technically my weight before I started my most recent health regime was over the recommended BMI for my height - which I think is pretty ridiculous actually) but I still have got a good 10 pounds I would feel far more comfortable without. Preferably more than that.

I also know that I'm not going to have this lost in three days. I'm realistic enough to know that.

So here's the plan. I'm going to try really hard not to let the fact I've not lost the weight I want to lose already bother me.

I'm also going to try not to let the whole holiday thing cause me to put on the weight I HAVE Lost.

Don't get me wrong. I'm planning to indulge a bit. It's hard NOT to on holiday. (Especially when you can buy sparkling rose wine ridiculously cheap in the Mercadonnas in Spain) But we're going half board, with buffet type meals. I'm sure I can choose the healthy option for at least one of those meals. It'll be hot (I hope) so I will make sure I drink tons of water (something that never happens in Scotland!) Since I'm going with my mum, I will undoubtedly be walking a lot.

I can make this holiday work for me.

Oh, and a suntan is ALWAYS slimming.

So I'm setting a new goal. I'm going to do my best NOT to put weight on while I'm away, and I am aiming to drop those ten pounds I desperately want to shed by the end of November. I think that is a realistic aim, and I'm pretty sure, that with a little motivation, and dedication to my cause, I can do it.

The basic plan (which I'm actually making up as I type) will be:

***at least 20 mins of exercise five times a week (the exercise dvd I do is pretty hardcore and after 20 mins you definitely feel the effects). This is on top of the amount I walk (I walk to work and back pretty much every day which is a round trip of nearly 90 mins, and I walk fast) so there's a lot of exercise going on there.
***limiting my vino intake, especially the weeknight drinking. (possibly considering switching to vodka as well since it apparently has less calories.)
***drinking more water.
***forget the website address for Dominos Pizza delivery.
***and Pizza Hut. And Di Maggios.
***using my kettlebell weight more (rather than it doubling as a way to stop random strangers just falling into my room during the night).

Any more suggestions for how I can meet my goal?


  1. Masturbate. Swear to God, my upper arm strength is improving by the day.

    Oh, and... ummm *thinks of a normal thing to say* less cheese and chocolate.

    :D x

  2. Lol..to the comment above! Enjoy your holiday! Try not to worry about your weight, you will prob feel a lot better once you are there and see that there are a lot worse people than u!!

  3. The only other thing i could suggest would be to cut out the drinking all together but i dont think thats an option for P :)
    But agree with you on the BMI ( which a gym trainer once told me is seriously flawed ) and you know i'm on board - we'll kick the kilos ( yep, kilos, i dont work in pounds ) together!
    Ooh, and if you convert the 10 pounds you want to lose into kilos, its only 4.5kgs - and that makes it sound like less already, doesnt it?

  4. Swap one meal (lunch or dinner) for cereal or soup.

    I can go up 4lbs over a slobby weekend and then shed it by the following weekend by eating less in general, but always what I want!

  5. Well, I'd say not eating cupcakes like I have for the last couple of days would probably be an excellent start!

    Yesterday I toured the campus of the university I'm thinking of attending and I swear to you, I saw almost no fat people. The gym was jam packed with people working out too. And what did I do when I came home? I ate a cupcake.

  6. I am recently knew to subscribing to your blog. Ok, I will tell you what I did.

    Cut out the drinking altogether if you can. Yes, I seriously mean this. At least cut it down to 2 glasses per week (to start). Increase your water intake dramatically and cut out soda (completely). Push your cardio to a minimum of 30 minutes; the difference of the 10 minutes is almost 150 calories. Your 5-days a week is good; 6 if you can take it. Keep a journal of everything you eat and drink - this will make you more conscious of what you are eating. Add your cardio to the journal as well as any weight lifting you do (you should add this as well - 1 to 2 times per week).

    Hope my comments help and this is actually what I do...


  7. Have you tried P90x? It's super intense, but three of my friends have done it (two of them women), and they look ridiculously good now. I kind of want to do it myself, but I don't think I have the 40 to 60 minutes a day it requires :/

    Definitely avoid the pizza though, yeah. I've lost like 10 pounds the past week by just doing things like not eating pizza, and switching fast food for pasta, and ordering a salad or chicken or fish when I am at a restaurant.

  8. You're bound to be more conscious of yourself than anyone else is you know, you're probably beating yourself around the head unnecessarily.

    I think not being able to drink alcohol has been the biggest blessing in disguise ever for me when it's come to losing weight - it's undoubtedly helped. And yeah vodka or gim and slimline tonic has way less calories than Ms Rose!

    And soup is the way forward. Even though I wasn't a fan I've come to love it and appreciate it and now that it's getting colder actually kind of look forward to my little bowl at lunchtime.

    Have a lovely holiday!

  9. You're doing so so well. Keep it up. I'm not doing so so well. I will try and change.

    Slow and steady etc.

  10. I think on vacation you should not let something like weight bother you, although trying to choose healthier food would help too and limit carbohydrate intake during the evenings.

    Enjoy your vacation :)

  11. As long as you don't OVER do it on holiday I think you'll be alright, you've got a pretty good list already! I hear you on wanting to have lost more weight by a certain deadline. It just hit me my NEW YEAR'S resolution was to exercise 3-4 times a week and lose weight for the wedding (Dec.). I think I've done that maybe.... twice? Now you've inspired me to get on that treadmill RIGHT NOW :)

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  13. Ha, love Mich's comment!

    Um, no, what I was going to say though was I just set up my iPod pedometer. It is literally the best thing ever. Well. Not quite, pretty boys and cups of tea probably win that one. But it's actually made me do stuff to get loads of steps every day (y)


  14. Ah...I have the same problem :(
    I think you should research (or maybe I should) on different kinds of alcohol because I was once told by a French pressumably alcoholic ex-fat geek (lol) I used to know that there are "good spirits", like good quality vodka, which don't make you put on as much weight as beer, for example.
    I will find out and let you know.
    Btw, I drank rosé on Saturday and toasted for you with my friend :)


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