Sunday, 22 August 2010


So the idea of the Sub Crawl is that you go around every stop on the Glasgow subway (I think 15 stops in total) and have a drink at the nearest pub you can find to each station.

Yesterday, in honour of Mich's 25th birthday, we decided to partake in this insanity.

Approximately half of the stations are in slightly dodgy areas, so we decided to get them out of the way early on. Things I learned: drinks are much cheaper in that side of town and . . . er, that's pretty much it.

Most terrifying moment was when we entered the Stadium Bar in Ibrox and everyone turned to look at us when Michelle asked what we wanted to drink. "It's like they can SMELL the Catholic on me," I hissed to one of the others.

Technically we broke a few rules. For example, I didn't drink alcohol in the first two pubs. We got off at Shields Road and couldn't actually FIND a pub. We skipped West Street station and instead drank three drinks at a pub in St Enoch's Square. We skipped the tube journey from Hillhead to Kelvinhall and just walked to the next pub instead. And then . . . well, we didn't actually leave that pub, despite having another stop left.

I drank rather a lot of vodka. On a virtually empty stomach.


Then I came home and drank two glasses of wine.

I think the only reason I'm not hungover is because I'm potentially still drunk.

And I have to go back to work tomorrow. Miserable face. :(

How were your weekends? Would you like to try the Sub Crawl?


  1. That sounds pretty cool :) Drinks are always cheaper at the 'dodgy' end of town you just have to know the nice places :)

    Drink lots of tea and eat fried foods should cure any hangover that may occur later! Glad you had a good night :)

    My weekend has been a lazy relaxing one with a short trip to the pub for a catch up with friends yesterday and lots of shopping today =)

  2. Sounds fun...we use to do that on the lake that close to has many bar's, so we would dock the boat..have a drink, then on to the next...Aww, those were the days!


  3. That sounds like great fun! There's a Circle Line pub crawl here, it's 27 stops which has always put me off doing it but you might just have inspired me to try it now.... I may be cursing you the next day though! x

  4. ..... *envy* !!!!
    that's all I can say

  5. This sounds a heck of a lot more fun than my weekend! I would totally do this! If I lived near a subway.

  6. Awwwwwww, that sounds like a fun game!

  7. Oh god, never done a sub crawl but being at Glasgow uni for 4 years I know exactly what they are. Seems to be the activity of choice for most faculties and clubs at certain times of the year.

  8. We need to do it again when A is over! :D


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