Friday, 20 August 2010


It's 10.40ish pm and I'm lying on my bed in my PJs, drinking rose cava and trying to recover from a journey home from Belfast which started at just before 4pm today and ended at 10pm after two buses, a ferry, a taxi . . . oh and a brief stalking of a cute-ish guy.

It's been a tiring few days, including a 5am wake-up call on Tuesday, thunderstorms at the Giant's Causeway, and boozing from 10am most days.

But I had a bloody awesome time.

Hopefully it'll not be another two years before I get back from Belfast, because I ADORE the place. Perhaps because it reminds me so much of Glasgow? Who knows.

I have consumed my weight in alcohol, and ate a lot of damn delicious food. I have posed in stupid pictures. I have said silly things. I have caught up properly with two of my besties. I have visited a place I've wanted to go since I was a kid - the aforementioned Giant's Causeway.

I absolutely ADORE the ferry to Belfast. Not only was a return far cheaper than a flight (with the dreaded Easyjet), it was so much fun to be able to move around as you pleased and not have to wait for the seatbelt signs to go off to order alcohol and/or food. (But mainly alcohol.) It's a shame about the long bus journey to Stranraer, the time you have to wait around at the terminal no matter what end you are at, or the screaming kids . . . but the couple of hours on the ferry itself is great craic!

As is Belfast itself.

I just wish I could have stayed there longer.

And now . . . my liver doesn't have time to recover because tomorrow . . . I am doing the subcrawl for Mich's birthday. Oh dear . . . (If you don't know what the subcrawl is . . . this blog post on it made me laugh. A lot.)

So . . . What have I missed?


  1. I would love to go to Belfast. I have a good friend who lives there... perhaps I need to visit!!

    And tell us more about the stalking of this cute guy!!

    Welcome back!

  2. More info on the cute guy you were stalking please!

    Glad you had a great time and welcome back!

  3. Welcome back!

    It is mandatory to consume at least your body weight whilst you're in Ireland ha!

    The ferry is so much more fun and you get to see whales occasionally too :)

  4. Subcrowl sounds great!!! Lucky you, I hope you have fun!! Cheers!!

  5. You haven't missed a damn thing around in my quarters, but it sounds like an awesome trip! Greatness!

  6. Stalking of a cute guy? Need more deets AND possibly some pics... you know you tried to take pics of him, right?


  7. I miss Belfast, been quite a few times, is Bishops the chip shop still there?


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