Saturday, 14 August 2010


So last night, me and two of my old flatmates made a trip east to see another former flatmate who had moved to Dunfermline a couple of months ago.

First of all . . . ROADTRIP!!! I was a bit worried as the last time the three of us had been in a car together on a long-ish journey was to go to Edinburgh to see F's play at the Fringe last year. And we'd got lost. So trying to find our way to Dunfermline was bound to be er . . . interesting.

But we got there in one piece and immediately started drinking. In fact, between the wine and the Chinese takeaway we got delivered, we didn't actually make it OUT of the flat until after ten pm. There's an interesting video of me and B trying to sing "New York, New York" in the flat . . . and realising quite quickly we didn't actually know most of the words. That, coupled with the fact that B didn't realise it was a video and was posing for a picture most of the time, made it extra hilarious.

Especially since I don't remember it at all.

Yup, it was another one of THOSE nights.

I DO remember going to a posh(ish) cocktail bar, followed by a pub called The Creepy Wee Pub. We thought that's what B and her flatmate were referring to it as that because it was creepy. But that was its actual name.

And then I don't remember much else. Apart from waking up on B's couch with a quilt over me,

Hmmm. Recurring theme. Passing out in a strange place on a Friday night.

It's becoming a habit.

On the upside, I DO know that I definitely didn't kiss anyone. Which makes a change.

Recovery time now.

Anyone else have an eventful Friday night, or pass out in a strange place? In fact, where IS the strangest place you've passed out after alcohol?


  1. My Friday night was awesome-o cos it was our first wedding anniversary!! We went to the Blind Pig, I heartily reccommend it!

    The weirdest place I've found myself passing out drunk was under a piano in a student flat in Hillhead. I woke up and shot upright cos I didn't know where I was and smacked my head on the keyboard. Not fun!

  2. I've only passed out the one time, on my sofa. I did drink heavily at University but it got a bit old and I couldn't cope with the hangovers any more.

  3. I only passed out from drinking once that I can remember. My parents left me home alone overnight so of course I invited some friends over to keep me company. I passed out in my own vomit on my bedroom floor.

    Another time, I was at a bar and had a little too much to drink. Don't know what I was thinking but I tried to lay down on the bathroom floor next to the toilet. People kept asking if I was ok. I didn't actually pass out though.

  4. I passed out in the pub bathroom once - i lost 3 hours of time and have no idea where any of my friends went.
    Also, my apologies to all the women wanting to go to the toilet that night - i'd passed in one of the cubicles with the door locked, so there were only 2 out of 3 toilets able to be used. Sorry!

  5. I was working in Edinburgh yesterday and had to be at the train station for 8am, so there was no Friday night partying for me :(

    Weirdest place I've passed out... umm
    + my bathroom
    + a pub toilet
    + my bedroom floor
    + sitting at my computer while trying to do a college essay
    + curled up on a duvet between the couch and patio doors of my 1st flatshare
    + at the bottom of my friend's bed during a house party
    + sitting on the couch holding a can of beer



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