Monday, 16 August 2010


So it's now been two weeks since the drunken wedding taxi incident. And I STILL don't remember what the heck happened.

I was hoping it might come back to me, but it hasn't. And at this stage, I really CAN'T ask him what actually happened. Unless we both end up somewhere drunk at the same time again. Which I suppose IS possible but it's probably not likely to happen anytime soon.

But it's really bothering me that I can't remember. Purely because I HATE alcohol related memory loss.

I can ACCEPT it a lot of the time. Like on Friday night, when I don't really remember getting back to my friend's flat, but was informed by my friends that I was dancing with walls. I HAVE done that on occasion in the past so I assumed I had been dancing with walls INDOORS. Turned out it was on the street. Hmmm. (PS If you're my friend on Facebook, you can see the drunken video of me and my friend trying to sing - and failing - on Friday night that I mentioned yesterday. Just sayin'.)

But when it comes to matters with a guy, you kinda want to know one way or the other whether something happened. Some may say ignorance is bliss, but I do not fall into that category. I need to KNOW what I should or should not be embarrassed about.

However, the situation reminded me of a similar drunk situation from about eight years ago. I was out with a group of people from one of my old jobs. One of the people out was my first proper boyfriend. Well, he had recently became an ex - the only guy I've ever dumped. (I've suffered bad karma ever since in my relationships.) Anyway, he'd been really annoying me since the break-up, calling my house all the time (my parents wouldn't lie and say I wasn't in, so I kept getting stuck having to talk to him. And I HATE talking on the phone at the best of times.) And, in what wasn't my proudest moment, I decided I was going to snog another guy who was there that night. A guy who was about four years younger than me. (Yes, I was being all cougar-y again, before I even knew what that meant.)

So I started being flirty and squeezing this dude's arse and stuff like that. (I'd been drinking shots of Goldschlagger. I had no shame that night.) And then I'd led him downstairs to where the toilets were. And outside the Gents, I had made my move.

But to this day, I don't know whether we kissed or not. I think he claimed we did, but all I remember was him telling me I was a lovely girl but he was seeing someone. That being said, he HAD responded to my flirting and came down the stairs with me (when neither of us intended on going to the toilet) which said something DID happen. And I KNOW that my ex was raging and going about my old work threatening to punch the guy. (Which was a little unfair considering that 1)I had instigated the whole thing and 2) I don't think the two of them were friends anyway.

But yeah, I don't know what happened there. (Apart from my ex announcing that he loved me. Oh, and in case you think I am some massive bitch, my ex actually snogged my friend that night - and they ended up going out for several years. So it all worked out in the end. Sort of.)

So I think that the drunken episode from the end of July is probably going to be of a similar vein. I'll probably never remember. And that's REALLY going to bother me. Because I'm me and this sort of stuff bothers me. (What can I say? I'm a weirdo. You knew that.)

Damn it, why didn't I pretend I knew what he was talking about when he emailed me??? I might have been able to trick him into telling me what actually happened.

Now I'll probably never know. Haha.


  1. oh my Gosh! I hate not remembering! Especially when it's kind of crucial to know, for your own sake.

    Like two years ago I went out with one of my best male friends and we got really drunks and i THINK we made out that night. But, to be honest, I don't know if we really did make out or if I jsut imagined the whole thing. Considering how drunk I was either one of the scenarios is possible.

    To this day, I don't know what happened and neither of us brought that night up again, like it never happened. YIKES!


  2. Great blog!
    But yeah the time may have lapsed on you recalling what did or did not happen.

  3. Maybe one day you'll remember, or someone will say something and you'll get a wee flashback. I do think you're just going to have to admit defeat and move on, though.

    My most recent blackout was at the end of May, when I was out boozing with the flatmate's brother and remember nothing from about 9:30-10:00pm onwards.
    Next morning, checked my mobile and I had apparently took a call from the Bad Boy the night before. No recollection of that whatsoever, so ended up texting him telling him as much. He said everything was fine though and I didn't have anything to apologise for.

    However, I'm still completely none the wiser about 1. why he called when I at least know I didn't text or call him first, or 2. what the hell we spoke about or I said to him.

    And I'm alright with that - we all do daft things when we're drunk, and if it was anything awful he would have said. Plus, he's done and said stupid shit around me when he's been wasted too so it's fine.

    And we just carry on as normal.



  4. Perhaps the way to look at it is..... if you don't wasn't memorable...? wasn't meant to be......

  5. Hahahaha... I have similar "memory" issues!

    And happy Monday to you!

  6. Oof, I feel you!

    Today my permanently sober friend said:
    "It sucks. When I do stupid things, I'm just stupid. When you guys do it, you can blame it on the alcohol."

    Uhm... yeah!

  7. The one night where I got sloshed and did mmmaaannnyyy things that I wish I didn't, I remember EVERYTHING!!! Sooooo embarassing!

    I finally watched your sideways blog. I love your accent!


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